Help me solve this!

Help me solve this!

From Megan McCaffrey

Single mother needs help paying for costs of getting back to being able to care for her daughter. Iv and other therapies, labs,, doctor visits.I’m going to be living out of my car to pay for these, still can’t afford.

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Before this I was relatively happy, healthy, and able to sustain a normal life!

Beginning in July of 2018 I had dental work on some teeth and have been sick ever since. Months of dentist, Endodontics, oral surgeon, orthodontist, and head neck and shoulder specialist appointments happened. In May I had a second route canal done on the original tooth that bothered me. The next day I couldn’t answer to my name.

I ended up having the tooth originally worked on, as well as the tooth next to it removed. My tooth had turned a black/blue color...The area was so infected part of my jaw was removed as well, also coming out not the typical dark brown of dead bone, but the black blue color. 

I am still unable to live a normal life.

I can barely eat, I am constipated when I do, I get rashes on my skin, my eyes hurt, I get extremely dizzy, have muscle spasms, neurological pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, and dehydration. I am slightly better than when it all first began, as my skin was also peeling on my heels and nose, and my veins felt hot and itchy, life I was being burned from the inside.

All heavy metal symptoms!

I have been to COUNTLESS doctors now.

I have found some therapies that help. I am living out of my car just so I can afford the therapies that are sustaining me.

I have been suggested to a handful of doctors that should be able to help me greatly, but the cost to see them hourly isn’t something I can manage, even if I’m living in my car to use my money for medical bills.

I am managing to work, but am so unwell that I am unable to do anything when I am not at work, including care for and enjoying time with my daughter who needs me. I am a single mother to a lovely girl who has been watching me get sicker and sicker.I do not enjoy asking for help. My daughter recently came to me with tears in her eyes saying she didn’t want to not be able to be with me anymore.

I want to be around for my daughter. For her I can humble myself to let it known, I need help.

The money collected would allow me to get visits with the recommended doctors I currently do not have financial access to. It will also allow me to get recommended treatments. 

Thank you so much for your help!

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