Help Me Save My Mom, Please

Help Me Save My Mom, Please

From Brandon Cordle

This is a fundraiser to help my mom who recently attempted suicide going through a divorce and needs help getting back on her feet. This money will be used to purchase a fairly used car and a deposit on an apartment.

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The real reason I am writing this message to you all is to ask for help. About 3 weeks ago my mom attempted suicide, my step-dad had a massive heart attack about 8 months ago and lost his job because he could not work anymore, he was supposed to be getting disability this whole time but for whatever reason the state wont process the documents and he has had to hire a lawyer (which i have no clue how he will pay for it, maybe its the state's responsibility to do so, i hope) so both of them have been relying on my mom's wages she makes from working in the cafeteria at a local hospital. They struggled keeping the lights on and eventually had to file bankruptcy which then made them garnish my mother's wages at work in order to pay off the lien put against their house, therefore my mom has been working 50+ hours a week and bringing in a paycheck of less than $10, sometimes nothing at all, this on top of everything else obviously made a huge negative impact on my mother's mental health. Not to mention during all of this the only car she had completely stopped working and my step dad has been driving her back and forth from work and back for months now, he has also been doing little side jobs like cutting and selling fire wood just to stay above water in terms of the bills. Well about 3-4 days ago my mother broke down again and now she is set on getting a divorce and moving on but has no where to go, no car, no phone, barely any money and I try to help all I can, i just gave her $200 about a week ago as  mother's day gift and try to help as much as I possibly can without letting myself get in financial trouble too, I guess all in all I am just asking for some help if there is anyone out there kind enough to donate, i want to try to get my mom a fairly used car to get to work and if possible maybe enough to put a deposit down on an apartment so I know she isn't going to be homeless, I have offered her to stay here but my mother is a very stubborn and hard working woman who doesnt like to ask for help but as her son I know she needs it and needs it very bad right now. I am going to post a link to a fundraiser, if you are kind enough to even donate a dollar I would appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine. This is not a money grab and im not asking for pity but just dont know what else to do and i hate seeing my family struggle like this and feeling helpless. 

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