Help me save local military base

Help me save local military base

From Jakub Fabrowski

Back in 1957 the city of Babimost was honored to host 45th Fighter Aviation Regiment. All soliders were trained and located in our local military base. It was running for nearly 45 years. Please help us save it!

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Back when I was a kid my uncle was telling the stories about his time when he was the solider at our military base in Babimost. For a young man it was very interesting especially when you were raised in early 90's. Since it was not a long time after the Berlin Wall fell not all the stories were told yet. A lot of memories are still kept by veterans who no longer serve in Polish Army but still live in close surroundings to military base.

As a young citizen of the city of Babimost I would like to save the memories and the place that in past couple of years have been ripped by local industries. Part of the complex have been sold to IKEA who have build few hangars. Other parts were sold to the hotel that have been raised and also to the super-market.At this moment there are only last few pieces of the complex left. We're still able to save the main gate, barracks and few other buildings that were left. All remaining complex is for rent for 2000 PLN per month + all medias. 

The goals to save the club:

- Start ASG/AEG/Paintball/Lasertag club and register it in our city hall.

- Rent the place, renovate it and prepare for use of community.

- Buy new/used gear so all locals can come and play some games with more experienced players. 

Without your help we will most likely lose the last piece of military memories that belong to the city of Babimost.

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