Regain trust in friendships

Regain trust in friendships

From Isaura Eguiarte

Feel trust and support from people, travel around the world again, and establish abroad this time.

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What happened is that a friend asked me for 500 USD 5 years ago. It was the first time a friend asked me for a financial support and I decided to give it to him. I went to 2 banks the same day and made the deposit. That was on a Friday and he told me I’d get them back on a Tuesday. Nothing happened. Since then, he has been telling me that TOMORROW, for sure he will pay it back. It hurts a bit because I still trust his word but after a few time I'm noticing that words may not mean anything. This attitude is the one which is making me not to truly trust people anymore. I love people, if you know me in person, I love all nationalities and I accept everyone but if I´m truly honest, situations that I’ve lived in the past may be causing a little bit of trouble when it comes to trusting friendships or bonding at a deeper level as before. I know I can’t bring the past to my present because not all the people are like this but still, when you have experienced similar situations like this one, friendships become a bit bittersweet. 

I have traveled to many countries and I still want to know more about the world. I LOVE traveling. I travel not because of the place but the culture, festivities, and people. It gives me so much life that I can’t explain it. For the same reason, one of my dreams is to establish and get a PR abroad because it’s fun and I love adapting to a new culture and become friends with other nationalities. My last trip was to Asia, for 2.5 years and it’s probably the best decision I've taken. I noticed that places are special due to people, at least for me. That’s why I may be feeling like this. I had to come back to Mexico due to the pandemic but I’m looking forward being abroad again. Getting back the 500USD allows me to buy my ticket and most of all, finally allows myself to close the chapter and be more ready for what I truly want in life. Experience my dream and the best of life. 

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