Help me pay for my university studies at Zamorano

Help me pay for my university studies at Zamorano

From Stephanie Lee Burt

My name is Jorge Ernesto Murillo Espinoza, I am a 17-year-old Nicaraguan Youth, a Bachelor and I am currently a third year elementary school teacher student, this year after having done all the tests and interviews I ...

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 I am interested in the environment and development career of Zamorano

Since I am in the 3rd year of high school, I have been interested in being in contact with nature, mother earth and the environment, I was interested in being able to study a career that would allow me to be in contact with the environment, in my Searching for a university that could give me this career, I found Zamorano, a university located in Honduras, which offers 4 undergraduate degrees: Agronomy, Food Agroindustry, Environment and Development and Agribusiness, I am interested in the Zamorano environment and development career , I am concerned about the environmental problems that our planet is currently experiencing, it is a very serious situation, and we have to take action so that there is life on the planet in the coming years. Zamorano is the university that I have chosen to be trained as a professional capable of providing environmental solutions to the country, and to train as an expert in topics such as: renewable energy, rational management of natural resources, solid waste treatment, management of protected areas and wildlife, among other environmental issues that I will be able to learn at Zamorano, however Zamorano is a private university and my financial situation does not allow me to pay for education at Zamorano for this reason I request financial support from them, Zamorano has been one of my biggest dreams for time, I was admitted but as I mentioned I cannot afford the education at Zamorano, for me it would be an honor to train at this university, the cost of education at Zamorano for the year 2022 is $ 21,100 (that is paid annually), I request your financial support , Any amount is of great help.

In the image you can find my admission letter and you can consult the link to see my admission letter, the p presentation of the career and the more detailed financial sheet.

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