Let's Open Cafe Carter

Let's Open Cafe Carter

From Matthew Carter

Help raise $25k to start my business & I'll donate $28k to Boys and Girls Clubs of Barstow and Santa Barbara. ↓SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS!!

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Like most start-up businesses, I'm not traditionally bankable. Most banks want some kind of collateral for a business loan- your car, your house, your savings account, etc. Being a 23 year old barista means I don't have any of those. Finding a bank that will accept my shoe collection as collateral has proven impossible, and now I've had to get creative. So I've turned to you- friends, family and people I don't know yet, to help me get funded.

The concept is simple- raise $25,000 to open my business, and 3 years from now when I own a successful cafe, I give the money to the Boys and Girls Club. I'll treat the money just like a loan, putting $777.78 into a savings account each month instead of making a loan payment. At the end of three years, I'll have saved the original $25,000 plus $3,000 of my own income (money I would have spent on interest with a bank loan.) Come 2015 and it will be my great pleasure to cut two checks for $14,000 each- one for the Boys and Girls Club of Barstow, and one for the United Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County.


My name is Matthew Carter and I'm an aspiring small business owner. I started making coffee almost 8 years ago at the age of 16 at the first Starbucks in Barstow, CA. I went on to help open 2 new stores in Barstow before eventually moving to Santa Barbara, CA. Since migrating North I have spent the last 4 years working at a fabulous little shop called Coffee Cat in downtown Santa Barbara while attending Culinary School at Santa Barbara City College. In August of 2010 the Coffee Cat partnered with another company in hopes of expanding. I was soon asked to manage a new location in Goleta, CA called Cafe Zoma. I opened and managed Cafe Zoma and its bakery until the partner company pulled out and the shop closed in December of 2011. Since then I've resumed work at Coffee Cat, have completed the Womens Economic Ventures "Business Plan Intensive" course, and attended industry events like the Barista Guild of America's "Camp Pull-A-Shot." When I'm not pouring lattes and serving scones with a smile, I'm at home in the kitchen cooking for friends and entertaining. I'm also an avid thrift-shopper, which mirrors my approach to business- I'm all about quality at the right price.


Cafe Carter will be a fabulous destination for locally-roasted, artisanal coffees and teas and a great choice for delicious breakfast and lunch options. With an emphasis on quickness and quality, our aim is to get you well fed in less than 10 minutes for under $10. By making everything in house, I can guarantee the quality of our offerings while keeping prices low.

Cafe Carter will open at 7127 Hollister Ave. #18 in Goleta, CA. The space is formerly home to Cafe Zoma, which I managed all 14 months it was open. Having already run a cafe in this space, I'm familiar with what will work here and what won't. The company I worked for called all the shots at Cafe Zoma, while I was behind the counter pulling all the shots. I've learned immensley from their mistakes and now have an opportunity to show Goleta how it's really done.

Mission Statement

  • Cafe Carter is proud to bring artisanal coffee and wholesome food options to the community of Goleta. We strive to achieve these objectives while being friendly and fair to all peoples in the supply chain, treading lightly on the planet, and sharing our wealth with our employees and our community.


Boys and Girls Club of America has been around for over 150 years "enabling all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens." I'm a product of the Boys and Girls Club of Barstow, having spent most every afternoon there in middleschool. I like to think I'm a productive, caring, responsible citizen and I have Boys and Girls Club to thank for that. Furthermore, having grown up in a single-parent household, I understand that parents have to work to provide for their families. The inexpensive child care that these clubs provide is invaluable to thousands of parents around the world.


Some of you might be wondering what happens if my business fails. Rest assured, I'm not going into business to fail. In the event that catastrophe strikes and I'm forced to close my business, I will donate the remaining funds to BCGA immediately and continue to make personal donations to both clubs until $14,000 has been donated to each (even if I have to sell my shoes.) 


I realize that not everyone is comfortable with moving money around over the internet. If you'd prefer to write a check, please send to:

Matthew Carter

825 N. Alisos B

Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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