Help me Develop Covid-19 Medicine

Help me Develop Covid-19 Medicine

From Shakaib Baig

I have been researching since the first patient was found, help me develop medicine to help people around the world and give them cure, to my finding i have found one unique ancient herb,400 patient are cured on trials.

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What is This Secret Herb ? 

This Anceint Herb or the Senna Leaves, in general, are the types of herb. It is not just a regular herb but a miraculous remedial herb. To get the cure of Immunity defeciency , constipation, hemorrhoids, and post-anal operations Senna is the best. Its origin is in China and India. Also, it is a small yet stubby shrub whereas, it is perennial. The leaf can be six feet long. Not only this but its branches are long and spreading. However, there are a lot of benefits of Senna that you must know so, what are you waiting for? Give it a read and you will understand why this is a break through .

Benefits of Senna :

The following are the top benefits of this ancient herb that you must know about!

The one who experiences skin irritations such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, and pimples must have an intake of this herb. It is because the paste which is made of Alexandria senna when applied to the skin can help to get rid of any of these irritations. Moreover, the Sana Makki has an antibacterial element so it boosts the immune system and helps to fight against any of these irritations. Also, in this COVID19 condition, we need to boosts our immune system.

One of the best benefits of senna to look for is weight loss. Certainly, it helps in weight loss so, it is the best for those you are trying hard to lose their weight. it enriches the fiber which cures the problem of constipation. The cleansing ability of it detoxifies the body also, the nutritions present in it result in a weight loss.

Without, a doubt the senna can do wonders. By a physical state, it is just a leaf but deep inside it is magic. Among the list of benefits of this Herb, you will see all. For a person with weaker hair, here is senna for its cure. 

In the benefits of Sana Makki, digestion is one of the best benefits to be on the list. It is very effective and beneficial for those you face constipation or digestion problems. Moreover, it helps in providing relief from heartburn, nausea, gas, bloating, and burping. It is best to deal with digestive problems.

I have Already developed the perfect Combo to fight Corona 

Our Mission :

  • To make it available in Medicine bottle to take easily.
  • Senna formula in tea bags . 
  • Creating a website to aware and help People .
  • Provide free medicine to corona patients .
  • Making this world Covid-19 Free .

I will Make sure All the funds that will be collected here will be solely used to make this herbal medicine and make it available as soon as possible. i will make updates as this donation progresses. 

    What makes me so sure ?

    Over 400 people on trial were healed and are perfectly living their covid-19 free lives , including a 3 month old kid. Trust remains with God As he Gave me this Idea to Bring this forward and provide this to people . Soon with your contribution my Aim is to make this absolutly free . 

    Best Regards .


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