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Hello there, 

   My name is Francisco Orozco, I am a freelance photographer based in Cancun, Mexico.  About 2 years ago my family came across some immigration problems in the United States and we were forced to go back to Mexico, Thus leaving behind a big part of our family  alongside a lot of good memories and starting from Zero in Cancun. I started working as a photographer here in an amusement park, everything was was going good, but tight, until this year when the Corona Virus hit Mexico. I live with my parents and my two brothers and the only thing we could afford is a 2 Bedroom house with no A/C and living in a city where the heat sensation is around 39 F almost everyday. Since the COVID hit, one month later i was fired from my job and my brothers salary was reduced by 60% and my parents small food post had to be closed down thus making my other brother the only one making a feasible wage. In all my time in the United States i was able to buy professional photography equipment so i would be able to start my own studio, but as it stands right now, if i don't fix our situation i'll be forced to sell my equipment and quit my dreams since i have to look after my family wellbeing. Currently we're 2 months behind on rent with no Cable and a slow internet package as well as on a 80 pesos (which is around 4 USD) food budget daily, for 4 adults and a teen. Anything that could keep us afloat would very much appreciated. I hope that you all would be able to help us a little to be able to make it through this dilemma and move forward. 

Thanks for reading my family story and may god bless your family.

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