Help me hold the system accountable!

Help me hold the system accountable!

From Christy Thacker

I am raising money to help hold the government’s systems accountable, specifically Department of Children Services, Local police departments, and county judicial systems. They cannot continue destroying families!

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I have been a social worker since 2008. I have worked with all different populations of people, young, old, addicted, mentally ill, etc. for the past 2 years I have owned my own agency providing mental health services to kiddos and their families. We help these kids learn how to handle being in the community, coping skills, anger management, etc. we also worked with the families providing resources and helping provide a stable environment. In the past two years, I have become extremely familiar with the department of children’s services and the local law enforcement. Now, I have always been and still am a supporter of law enforcement as a whole. But i have seen the ugly side all too clearly. DCS is no exception. I made many enemies in the system while advocating for the rights of the families I worked with. 

This past march, I went through a divorce. I have 2 boys, 8 and 11. My ex husband repeatedly called DCS on me making false reports,  called the government agency with whom i contracted with to make false claims of Medicaid fraud, etc. DCS and my ex took this as an opportunity, and took a very small incident where nothing, and I mean nothing, happened and no laws were broken, to try and ruin me both professionally and personally. DCS substantiated me on child neglect with no evidence and a report that was misguiding and left out pertinent information as it didn’t fit into the narrative, brought in local law enforcement and had them arrest me for felony neglect, all the while, they never even talked to me.

Due to these allegations, I was no longer able to work with my clients and the government deauthorized my agency, leaving numerous employees without work. As of today, all of these things are being appealed and my criminal charges have not yet even been considered.

All the while, my ex placed protective orders against me alleging that I was a danger to my children. Now, I know you don’t know me. It may seem unreal that someone could be innocent and treated this way. Let me tell you, when you piss off the system for calling them out, they will do whatever it takes to ruin you. In all my years, I have never even had a bad comment made about my work or my parenting. So, these orders were out into place and I was supposed to be able to see a Judge in 30 days to object. When that day came, the judge decided to postpone the hearing an additional 60 days for convenience purposes. That left me without being able to see or speak to my children for 3 months. Not even supervised visitation or phone calls. Absolutely nothing. 

2 months later, in court, my ex was allowed to enter evidence that he couldn’t recal where it even came from, had recordings that were only half recorded, etc. yet, at no point in time was i deemed to be unfit or had i caused any harm to my children.

The judge kept the orders in place, stating that I had to pass a hair follicle test( I had been providing clean drug screens since day 1, including three clean screens the week of court), and a mental health assessment before I would be allowed to see or speak to my kids. I provided a mental health assessment I had just gotten done but it wouldn’t be accepted. There was no logical reason for the court to require either of these things besides my ex wanting them.

It has been 120 days since I have seen or spoken to my children when I have not done anything wrong. I have lost my business, my children, my license, and people who were supposed to be my friends and family. All of this stemming from a falsified DCS report.

DCS is not held accountable. They destroy families and people’s lives without viable reason, but just because they feel like maybe something could happen. This cannot continue. Our systems need to be held accountable. In order to do this, I am requesting funds to help me fight this both on a personal level as well as a legislative level. There need tk be safeguard put in place. An overworked, underpaid bachelors level individual should not have the power that they do to destroy the lives of others. Checks and balances must be in place and universal guidelines/rules. No parent should have to go through what I have went through. 

Please, if you can help, it’s the only way change begins!

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