Help me fight my deadly battle with DVT/PE!

Help me fight my deadly battle with DVT/PE!

From Elizabsth Segrest

I'm raising money for groceries and to pay bills while out of work on medical leave, as well as unpaid medical bills

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I was admitted to the hospital after going to the emergency room with a painful lump on the back of my knee which turned out to be a blood clot caused by deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. I was also found to have many small blood clots throughout my lungs, which is known as pulmonary embolism, or PE. The danger of these clots is that they can break off and travel to your lungs or heart, blocking off blood supply to those areas causing sudden death. Fortunately, I got to the hospital to start blood-thinning medications to try to shrink the clots. I have never experienced blood clots before, so extensive tests were performed, including blood to be sent off for genetic testing. I will not get these test results until I see my pulmonologist, or lung doctor, on Feb. 8th. I'm not able to move around too much at home, for fear of dislodging a clot, which could be deadly. I'm on unpaid medical leave from work due to having to be somewhat immobile, which is impossible in my job as a self-checkout host/cashier at Walmart. I've never had to ask for financial help as I've been pretty independent my whole adult life, but I don'tknow how I'm going to make it through this without losing everything...any amount donated would be appreciated, and a blessing. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my story, and God bless!

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