Help Me Build A Better Gaming PC

Help Me Build A Better Gaming PC

From Vivianna Phoenix Black

I can't exactly call myself a Streamer without the right gear, now can I? And while it's been "fun" learning all the in's and out's necessary to make it all work, I need an upgrade to provide better content!

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So, let's get down to the nitty gritty. I've got the set up of someone that has no idea what she's doing and for a little while that's exactly right. But after lots of studying and lots of frustation I feel that creating my own custom build is important for me to provide content that is actually watchable and worth editing for whatever reasons. Over the course of this campaign I'll be researching and obtaining all the info I can to create the best rig for me and what I want to do with my content creation. With gaming being the focus, the option of digital art creation would also add to my abilities and quality as well.

No more lagging, no more crappy cams, no more odd mics and weird flubs with the lack of monitors for use. We can make this amazing. Donations not only provide me with that computer... IT PROVIDES ME WITH A MEANS TO HELP OTHERS!

I donate half of my earnings to charities (usually animal focused ones) so my own good fortune can be visited upon others. 

So your donation is basically a continual flow of good things for everyone. Especially me. And the animals. Love me some mamminals.

Being sick all the time is rough on me and gaming has always been something I did specifically when I'd fallen ill. Now it's a regular thing in my life and I'd like for it to be less stressful and more fun for everyone. Every little bit counts. And you'll always be someone I adore for doing it.

Thanks for everything, even just for reading this!

V. "The Pupperpuff" Black

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