Help Me Bring Doctor to Justice

Help Me Bring Doctor to Justice

From Allison Eckhart

My doc said I had a malignant/pseudocyst and injected me with chemo 17 times. A 2nd surgeon removed it to discover I had a piece of cartilage left from the 1st surgery. I now need a medical expert witness for court.

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THESE ARE THE DETAILS OF WHAT HAPPENED TO ME: I saw a Double Board Certified ENT/Plastic Surgeon due to constant sinus infections as well as breathing issues. I had a septoplasty done in December of 2011 which helped for a while and then the symptoms worsened. In my consultation, I was told my nose deviated 90% to the left which was the reason for my constant infections. I had also been saving for years to have the outside of my nose fixed as I always disliked how it looked. I saved enough money over time and was able to prepay (which was required) in full 10 days prior to surgery. My surgery was scheduled for October 16th. I was told everything went great and I had a great result. At my I had found a large bump right in between my eyebrows. I went in and the doctor said it was a bone spicule. I went in November, December, and January for him to check the spicule. Finally on March 28th, 2016 I was brought in for an excision through the nostril and revision.After that appointment, I developed, what the doctor called a "pseudocyst." From 5/24/16 to 1/28/19 I was injected 17 times with a liquid to bond the cyst together and 3 times with a liquid to remove varicose veins. He also went in through my 2 more times to remove the "cyst." After each excision through the the “cyst” would come back 2-3 days later. The doctor refused to cut out the cyst because he said I was "too pretty for a scar." This raised suspicion as to why he insisted on injecting me and not listening to me beg him to cut the "cyst" out multiple times. In May of 2019, I was finally able to see another doctor for a consult as to what this was. The 2nd doctor brought me back the following week for the procedure, I had to use credit and borrow the money to have this repair done. He cut open my nose only to discover there was no cyst anywhere, it was more cartilage that the first doctor had failed to remove. He gave me a mirror and showed me exactly what it was and where it was. He removed it without problems. When I received my chart notes to give the 2nd doctor I discovered the 1st doctor had diagnosed me with a "malignant neoplasm, cutaneous abscess of the face." I was horrified when I saw that and now even more scared of what else he wasn't telling me. I asked for my entire chart records which included my account history. When I received my account history I saw that the doctor had written off my entire account due to "hardship." There were no traces of my account payments anywhere in my account or chart. The first doctor has refused my refund request multiple times so now I am left in a very tough situation financially, physically and emotionally.In order to get any funds returned, that would help to offset the second procedure, I now require a medical expert witness, along with a lawyer to advocate on my behalf. The lowest case I have found is $2500. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I trusted this doctor and was not treated properly or correctly. This doctor be allowed to get away this or possibly do it again to some unsuspecting patient.

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