Help me become a coach for healing, justice & liberation

Help me become a coach for healing, justice & liberation

From Najla Gomez

I'm raising money to pay for my coaching certification program. Thank you for your support! My venmo: @Najla-GomezRodriguez

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Hi friends and family! I’ve been accepted to a coaching certification program Coaching for Healing Justice and Liberation. I learned a couple of years ago after a weekend-long coaching training that coaching is one of my callings. It humbled me and helped me become a better person. It’s through my coaching practice that I’ve worked on believing everyone is doing their best, a really powerful shift in how I approach the world. I know I will benefit from this program by becoming a better organizer, strategist, and revolutionary. (longer version for those interested below!)

The program is $12,500, I received a scholarship and have to pay $9,000. Please help me raise funds to pay for my program. I appreciate your support, any amount helps! If it’s easier to venmo my handle is: @Najla-GomezRodriguez. 


  • For the first 10 people who donate $200 or more (and are interested) I am offering a coaching session, both a 30 min exploratory conversation and 1 hour of coaching. 

Thank you!


For the full chisme: 

My first experience with coaching was as a coaching partner to Geordee Mae Corpuz during my first full-time organizing job. Geordee coached me through some very difficult times as a young organizer who was trying to force an organization to be something it wasn’t out of my own idealist thinking. What most struck me about her approach was that it relied on my own wisdom and understanding, and it challenged me to be in my feelings and witness my own hurt. It would be years after leaving the organization that I processed my own toxic role in everything that went down but coaching was that catalyst for me. 

My next experience was in the Introduction to Coaching with Leadership That Works. That weekend changed my life. It forced me to confront my classism and elitism. I had never questioned my belief that I was always right or knew the best way to do things. I had been fed through my public and then private education that I was especially intelligent, and this became part of my identity and self-worth. While the realization that I did not believe people could solve their own problems was a shock to my system, it also lifted a huge burden from my shoulders and showed me there was a different way to move through the world. One where I walked along people and not in front of them. It also pushed me to a new belief that I struggle towards every day: Believing that every person is doing their best. Both are beliefs I know will be a lifelong journey, and I am committed to walking down this path. 

I knew after that weekend with Leadership That Works that coaching was a way of being that called me. I have since been able to bring coaching into my work, predominantly group coaching in my capacity building work but also have done some one-on-one with colleagues who’ve agreed to enter that coaching relationship with me. I feel very honored and know I owe it to myself and to them to sharpen my skills and become a better coach. I have a deep desire to prioritize coaching in my life, but thus far have struggled to be disciplined about it. I know this program will support me in this goal.

I know I will benefit from this program by becoming a better organizer, strategist, and revolutionary. And based on the 2.5 day with CHJL I’ve already participated in, I know the program will also support the healing journey I am on. 


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