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Hello everyone, I am a returning student who is about to transfer after completing my AA degree. I would love your help to get to the next stage of my academic career. Anything helps, biggest and sincerest thanks.

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Hello friends,

I am a first-generation college student and I would love to continue my studies in order to help students who have faced similar hardships in their life. I am asking for your help because I cannot deal with this big financial burden that has been placed in front of me. 

Allow me to explain my hardship:

In 2011, I was accepted to a state university in California right after I graduated from high school. I attended this institution but had many problems from the get-go. The financial aid they offered me did not suffice to cover my dorm cost. A cost that was exponentially higher because the school wasn't able to place me in the dorm I had requested because they over admitted students and didn't have adequate space. I was left to carry the extra cost, I had to take the dorm that was offered to me since I had to move over 300 miles to attend that school, and this was my option a month before school started. When I got my financial aid award it became apparent that I would not be able to cover the cost of the dorm and I was pretty much screwed from then on.

It was my first semester and I was frantically trying to find ways to fix this problem but nothing. The school offered me no let and as a first-time student I didn't know how to navigate or even deal with the situation and I was forced to leave the school. The housing department of that school charged me for the Spring semester and this prevented me from registering for classes that semester because of the housing hold, effectively freezing my academic account. I couldn't stay on as a student living off campus.

After years of attending community college, I applied for admission this year. Prior to this, I had made some payments for time spent at this school, I thought it was to cover this outstanding balance but it was actually for a federal loan from Fall Semester 2011. Now I don't know what to do, I am supposed to start at my new university in Fall 2019, leaving me a couple of months to clear things up. I am afraid that this past balance will jeopardize my admissions or will prevent me from enrolling because I can't access my old transcript, the school won't release that information until I pay the balance in full.

This is beyond stressful and I have spent so much time and effort in order to put this behind me but it keeps popping up and wreaking havoc in my life. It has dampened my mood and taken away my excitement as admissions come in. I have been accepted into SFSU, and I am still waiting for UC Santa Barbara and Berkeley decisions. But honestly at this point, if I cant clear this, I am afraid all my hard work and dedication won't matter.

Thank you for your time and for reading my story. I hope that you can help me. Anything will do, a small donation, sharing this with friends, family, and/or social media. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take care.

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