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Hello well wishers,

My Name is Keshna Sandoval,I'm Spanish.I have many dreams and goals in life, , I read many books,exercise every day,meditate, but the small voice inside me keeps on reminding that I can't succeed in life.

Either I nor my parents have got money.I can't say we are poor, but the sufficient money we got is to sustain the family. My Mum and Dad are retired, and next year I am entering university.I tried accumulating some money by doing small jobs,but it's very difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic but could accumulate 176.

I and my parents don't know what to do since we haven't figured out a way to pay my school fees.I don't want to stop school like many girls.I still have that faith in me that I can do it.I don't know how,but I know I can.

I will be very happy for any open hand, and even if you can't , just a word of yours will keep me encouraged.Thanks for reading.

-Keshna Sandoval-

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