HELP! Low income. Power is shut off. Recovering addict.

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Prior to the pandemic, i was incarcerated for drug possession. I’m a recovering addict. I was also dealing to pay for my addiction.  After being released, the pandemic happened, i was struggling to keep up with bill. I was awarded a low income program for my utilities to prevent shut off. My landlord decided to raise the rent and i was left homeless. I had to shut off my utilities. 4 months later I receive a govt subsidiary for affordable housing to pay for a portion of my rent. DTE did no inform me or re enroll me in the low income program, so I’ve been chasing a shut off since I turned on my utilities. I have been paying on bill, just not the $1600 they want. They gave me shut off with no date. And today they shut it off, even though they have been receiving payments. I’m a college graduate with bi polar disorder but due to my incarceration, i am over certified and underpaid struggling to make ends meet. I fight the urge to start dealing about because I don’t want to ruin my sobriety. I’ve made drastic changes to my life, but I’m still paying for an addiction i was criminally charged for, rather than receiving treatment and rehab. 

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