Help Liv and Kyle move out of an abusive household

Help Liv and Kyle move out of an abusive household

From Liv Grey

I’m liv, I’m a trans non-binary person who has been assaulted physically and emotionally by their roommates. We need help getting together money to move out ASAP as I unsafe in my home. Thanks for your help.

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Our roommates have trapped me in my room and violated my space, pushed me, thrown things out of my hands, called me a gross tr*nny bitch and said I’m mentally insane for taking testosterone. Despite having multiple chronic illnesses that they are aware of, they tell me I’m debilitating MYSELF and that I should take pills to be more “chill”. These people have been cruel, ableist, and transphobic  to me and I am losing my mental health living in an apartment with them.

I can not safely live in this space and the rental company has given us the option of: breaking the entire lease for everyone for $4600 (can not afford), or filing a police report and getting a restraining order thereby evicting the roommates (who are also of marginalized identities and thus I do not want to go that route and potentially incarcerate a black man). 

We are looking to find a new place and subletters but we want to move out as soon as possible for my safety and your funds will help us do this. Anything helps. Thank you so much.

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