Help Kristopher Wyrick Defend Himself

Help Kristopher Wyrick Defend Himself

From Roger Ogden

To help Kris Wyrick pay a part of his legal expenses. Kris was a defender at the violent BLM/Antifa action on September 26, 2020 and is charged with a felony for bear-spraying a violent antifa group in self defense.

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Kris Wyrick was a defender / counter-protester at the violent BLM/Antifa street action in Yorba Linda on September 26, 2020.  He was charged with spraying a group of antifa, because a fight broke out and the antifa were targeting an older counter-protester.  Kris  defended the older man and the rest of the group.  The funds will be used to cover his legal costs.

This BLM/Antifa event was held at the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda.  It was thought that BLM/Antifa intended to vandalize and even burn down the Nixon library, if they got the chance.  As an example of how violent and aggressive the BLM/antifa crowd were on that day, the BLM organizer, Tatiana Turner, rammed her car into a crowd of patriots and Trump supporters, injuring two persons who were unable to jump out of the way.  Both legs of one man were broken.  Turner was charged with attempted murder and 12 other felonies. See the news report video above for more detail and the press release below.

Orange County District Attorney Press Release

Kris has been an activist for various causes in San Diego since at least 2016. Recently, he has been a frequent defender against BLM / Antifa violence, vandalism and destruction.

Please help, if you can afford to do so. 

Kris as authorized me (R. Ogden) to create this page to collect donations for his court expenses.  Kris is a small businessman and he has been struggling to stay afloat and support his family during these tough times of Covid restrictions.  Though though this BLM/antifa disturbance was on  September 26, 2020, Kris was not charged until late January, 2021. 

If you want to talk to Kris directly, you can email him at:  [email protected]   (He doesn't use Facebook any longer.) 

NOTE: The press release above and news reports mention Kris having drug and vandalism convictions, but these are very old misdemeanor convictions.  Just to address that up front about it, the vandalism was in connection with a domestic disturbance from 2008 and some object was broken. He had to pay a fine and take anger management therapy.  Kris says the drug conviction is more than 20 years old when he was very young, in his early 20's, and he has been clean since then.  It seems odd that the DA even mentioned these very old prosecutions in the press release, which are not relevant to the current charge or to these violent street events, except maybe to prejudice the public against Kris in this case.  Sometimes it seems that law enforcement may feel like they need to make both sides out to be equally bad for political reasons, so they don't appear to favor either side to the public.  Since the BLM organizer plowed through the crowd in her car in an attempt to murder a few people, they have to charge a couple of patriots, also, just to balance things out.

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