Help Koty pay for his Medical Bills

Help Koty pay for his Medical Bills

From Koty Sterling

I am raising funds to pay off the rest of my medical debt caused from my surgery and follow up procedures in March.

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My brain tumor story

My brain tumor diagnosis came at a very young age. I had no symptoms or pain for over 2 decades of my life, when last year suddenly  headaches, dizziness, and faint memory starting occurring. In January of 2021, I was forced into the difficult decision of letting it takeover my life or doing a somewhat risky surgery to remove the tumor, which obviously ended up being the surgery route.

My brain tumor surgery

At Ascension Medical Group, we met with the most amazing and empathetic neurosurgeons and advisors. I immediately felt at ease knowing I was getting the best care available. She scheduled a craniotomy for the following week and all was well. (A craniotomy is a surgical operation in which a bone flap is temporarily removed from the skull to access the brain.) After an MRI on that Sunday, my surgery was scheduled for March 4th. The surgeons operated on me for 12 hours and removed more than 98% of the brain tumor, which turned out to be glioblastoma.

Regaining normalcy and recovery

I didn’t feel much pain after the surgery. This lasted for a few days, however there we complications that I wont really get into. I've since had some very rough issues with night terrors and whatnot from the surgery. A few days after the surgery, I was released from the ICU into recovery, and additionally sent home for rehab do to Covid restrictions and whatnot.

My recovery was quick. After a few weeks I had full speech, freedom of movement, etc all nailed. The main things I needed from here on was general physical therapy (lightly for my mobility) and my general prescriptions for breathing issues and whatnot. 

The only part I have not recovered from, besides the mental part has been the financial side of things. The surgery was NOT covered hardly at all by insurance, because it was deemed *non essential*. I have challenged this unsuccesfully. The charges from the hospital have been slightly paid off by the generosity of friends, family, and friends on Twitch and their communities. So far we have raised around $4,000 towards the bills, leaving $32,465 in unpaid bills to Accession. This does not include the everlasting costs of prescriptions, physical therapy, and the general living costs. To make up for this, since I am single now, I have been working 90 hours a week since just 5 weeks after my surgery to maintain my home and not drown in debt and be forced into selling the last few things I own. If you consider helping, thank you. If you read this far, thank you. If you cant do anything, I totally understand and appreciate you reading this. Please know I wouldn't do this unless I felt I had to. I have no other options.

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