Help Kevin Recover from 6 Major Brain Surgeries

Help Kevin Recover from 6 Major Brain Surgeries

From Kevin Carter

We are raising money to cope with Kevin's sudden and life-threatening major medical expenses. Kevin collapsed from a blinding headache in late July. He's been in the hospital ever since recovering from 6 brain surgeries.

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The same day that Kevin, Sara, and their youngest two boys were supposed to move to California for a lucrative business venture, Kevin pulled over his truck complaining of a blistering headache. He was rushed to the emergency room where he was admitted into the hospital with a brain tumor on his pituitary gland. 

The surgery to remove the tumor caused spinal fluid to leak and a week later they did a reconstruction to repair that damage. Unfortunately, this CSF fluid leakage had already caused a roaring case of spinal meningitis. Kevin was operated on again to place a VP shunt into his brain, but that surgery failed due to the recurrent meningitis. After surgery number four (a reconstruction of surgery #1 and a fat graft) failed, he was transferred to Methodist. There, the talented surgical team went through and redid his previous surgeries to eliminate anymore CSF fluid leaks. He was discharged a week later and sent home. Unfortunately, the very next week he was found unresponsive. He was rushed back to Methodist, this time on life support. The shunt in his brain was taken out while he lay in a coma. 

The outlook was grim.  It was through Sara's unwavering faith, the prayers of his family and friends, and the Grace of God that he woke up. They were able to treat his meningitis at that point, and Kevin has started down the long road to recovery. His brain surgeries have left a lasting mark on him. Kevin's been diagnosed with a 3rd Nerve Palsy which has caused his right eye to be unable to open. He has no stamina. He's working to overcome significant neurological trauma. He won't be ready to work until the doctors can estimate the complexity of his condition, and this fact has left this family in a tough spot.

During this crisis, Sara and Kevin never lost their faith in God or one another. Kevin has promised that he will provide for his family and Sara has already returned to work. However, they are at the end of their ropes. His 9 week hospitalization has wiped out their savings, and has put their business venture on indefinite hold. They need our help.

Please consider sparing whatever you can to help them. They're struggling to afford the basics on Sara's salary as a waitress. Kevin won't be eligible for disability just yet, and the bills are piling up. Between his medical care and two children under 6, they're floundering. This has been the darkest time of their lives. Sara has spent the past 9 weeks not sure if her fiancee was going to die, and all Kevin has been thinking about is how his family would fare without him. It is because God, in His Infinite Wisdom, has intervened and saved this family from total ruin.

We, as a community, have the chance to change their lives. To show God's Grace in the face of tragedy. By your shares, prayers, and donations we can allow this family to heal. To find a decent home to raise their children in. Kevin had accepted a partnership based out of California, so they had packed their lives up to move the very same day the tumor was found. They're starting over from scratch and need a leg up. One of the most beautiful lessons to come out of this tragedy is how a community can come together to support their own. 

Please consider donating. Please share this fundraiser, and please pray for Kevin's continued healing and for this family's welfare. Let's help Kevin keep his promise to provide. Let's help give them peace in the face of insurmountable turmoil. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. 

With love, light, and prayers,-The Carters

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