Help Keerthi Get a New Computer - Education, Work, Business

Help Keerthi Get a New Computer - Education, Work, Business

From Keerthi Arunachalam

I use a 2008 Sony Laptop for everything ever since high school, but it has now stopped working! Everything I do is on my laptop, which includes college, my business, photography, marketing, and my research. Info Below!

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My name is Keerthi Arunachalam. I am 19 years old and a sophomore/junior at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. I am studying Marketing and Graphic Design. I have been using a 2007/2008 Sony Laptop for the longest time, but it stopped working last semester (6 months ago) without being able to repair it, and I really need a new one for school and work! Model of my laptop: 2008 Sony Vaio PCG - 7112L 

About Me: I have been using my 2008 laptop since I was in high school for all of my work, assignments, and graphic design. I used this laptop for everything, and spent hours on end everyday researching and working on my goals. The most important things I used this laptop for were doing my homework, researching marketing, and editing my photography & other resume building work.

 My father died my sophomore year of highschool, and we didn't have any access to his bank accounts since my mom does not have an ID. This left my family with $2000 in the bank for the rest of our life, and it was up to me and my brother to work hard so we could afford the rent, bills, groceries, and everything we needed to have a roof under our head and a somewhat decent standard of living. I have been going to school, and then taking the bus to work right after school for the rest of the day.  

 Me and my brother started an Amazon Business which is helping with our money problems. All this money is going towards our rent, food, and college. This is why my laptop was so important, because I could work from anywhere, and I could finish my work on time. Nowadays I have to sit at the library from noon (after classes finish) to around 10pm just to finish all my work in time, and do the work for my business. This laptop I would buy through gofundme would change my life, and help me earn my own money for college, and support my family. I would also be able to finish all my work for college at home, and in a much faster time.  I appreciate any help! I want to thank everyone reading this so so much!!

 I am also under DACA so I do not recieve any federal aid for college, so I have to pay the whole tuition out of pocket. I came to the United States when I was a 1, and don't know any other home (have never left). I am working hard in order to own my own small businesses in the future and apply for a Business VISA. 

Passion: I have a passion for marketing, and it is something I love to work on. I started an Etsy Shop 2 weeks ago and an Amazon Business to take advantage of the research I do through my laptop so I can generate money for college and my family's expenses. I was able to get a best seller on Etsy within a few days, and it's all thanks to the awesome laptop I had to research with. It was very old and broken down, but it did what I needed it to do no matter how long it took to load haha. I also have a passion for photography, and I fell in love with it in highschool. I will link my photography account below all the info if anyone wants to check it out or see proof.

 I used the laptop to research how to list products, the best keywords to use, how to rank my listings, edit photos, and a countless number of other things! I have been slowly approving my photography by using the free versions of adobe programs through my laptop. I can't purchase the licenses for the full program because all my income is going to college and rent, but I am hoping to use any extra money to purchasing just that (hopefully donating extra to other gofundme's).

Thank you again for anyone who donates, or even takes the time to read this! I will use all this money towards getting a laptop that will fulfill all my needs for the next 5-10+ years, and maybe get some programs that will help me with all my goals and passions (ex. adobe). I will donate the extra to another education FUNDLY!

 I would love to give back to anyone who helps so if you want something in return, you can always purchase from my Etsy shop instead!! If you also want a photo or photos edited, I can do that for you, just email me (added below) the photo and what you want me to do with it! 

◈ Email:

◈ Photography Account - Insta: @ka.visualz◈ ◈  Direct Link: (

◈  Etsy - @VechettiDesigns◈ ◈ Etsy:◈ ◈ Insta:

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