Help keep Zuzhi alive.

Help keep Zuzhi alive.

From Jeremie Schwartz

I know Zuzhu still puppy, this a small clump happiness I brought to itself home more 5 years ago. We've been inseparable friends ever since. But recently, Zuzhi discovered a tumor in the lower abdomen.

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I know Zuzhu is still a puppy, this little ball of happiness I brought to my home more than 5 years ago. We've been inseparable friends ever since. But recently Zuzhu discovered a tumor in the lower abdomen. I took Zuzhu to one of the best vet clinics in town. Previously, doctors diagnosed "breast cancer", but after passing the tests, ultrasound, x-ray, colposcopy and Cytology results, Zuzha confirmed venereal sarcoma. The case of Zuzha unusual — as a rule, venturcom happens on the genitals, on the mucous membranes, and the Zuzhu outside, and that turned out to be a metastasis. By endoscopy it became clear that all lesions are on the loop, did not go further. In most cases, venturcom leaving after chemotherapy and it is possible to do without surgery. Zuzha has a chance to become healthy again, and this chance is in our hands. According to the results of the examination, Zuzhe will need 4-6 sessions of chemotherapy with 10-14 day intervals between them. Before each chemotherapy, you need to donate blood. If for the maximum number of sessions (6 times) the tumor does not go away, it will be necessary to change the treatment Protocol and remove the remnants of the tumor surgically. But the doctor is inclined to believe that chemotherapy will help and surgery will not be needed. It is a long process that I want to go along with his faithful friend Zuzhu. But I need Your help, one I can't handle it's very expensive for me. Help me save a friend!

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