Help Keep Molly Ware at PWS!

Help Keep Molly Ware at PWS!

From Michael McNamara

Molly Ware is a dedicated parent of three at the Pasadena Waldorf School. She has until 4/16 to come up with $1,000 + to pay the school her remaining tuition & interest accrued. Full story below...

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In her own words...

I LOVE Pasadena Waldorf.

I have three children currently attending Pasadena Waldorf.  Violet, in grade 2, Poppy in Kindergarten and Hugo in Pre-School.

We moved to Pasadena 2 1/2 years ago so Violet could start Kindergarten.  A month after being in Pasadena my husband left the family home and I became a single income parent, juggling post partum, three children and re-starting my career.   

I began consulting work and (without child support) paying PWS, bills and rent. We were greatly helped by financial aid.  When I realized it was necessary, my friends came to my aid and lent me the money for the retainer for a lawyer so I could file a restraining order and gain full physical custody of the children.  Their father began paying child support ($800 per month) a year ago.  My beautiful 80 year old mother lives with us in our two bedroom apartment.  She has one room, the three children have another and I sleep in the living room.  She is able to help watch them while I work.

I am slowly paying back the friends who lent me money for the legal fees, as well as the lawyer.  The church came to our rescue twice last year when we didn’t have enough for the rent.  They were amazing. I have fallen behind and we have sold everything of value we own.  My mother has parted with every piece of golden jewelry she had so that we could pay for PWS deposits and tuition. She has let go of stories her great grandmother told her on the porch in India where the pieces were made for her as she was pregnant with my grandmother.  She cares about the children being a part of the Waldorf community as much as I do.  Her parents were teachers at a Steiner school in the UK (which she also attended) during the war.  She has witnessed the violence her Grandchildren have been through that came at the end of my marriage. She has witnessed the resulting tantrums, the tears, the bed-wetting, the therapies.  She has witnessed the time it takes to repair and heal a family.  She witnessed me walking to hospital as I couldn’t afford an uber after a car crash that brought us to our knees when the car was totaled and the money went straight to the lender.  We are lucky.  She has witnessed the moments that come again and again when I am out of answers and the unstoppable generosity of this world that for some reason, so much bigger than I can dream to understand right now, the world that just won’t let us disappear.  

We have had set backs and we have had absolute miracles.  I fall behind but I always pay it back. I say yes whenever a teacher asks for my help whether it is taking photographs or working to create the Alumni Booster Club to strengthen our community, build the legacy of PWS and eventually bring in alumni revenue.  

I am truly honored to be a part of this community and I feel ashamed I am not in a position to start paying it forward in a monetary way. 

On Monday, April 9,2018 I sat in a meeting with Douglas Garrett and Erin Semen to discuss my arrears.  I owe the remaining $349.39 in tuition and $1863.60 in interest that has accrued.  I had called Debbie Pereda in September to say I had lost my job. No adjustment was made to my monthly bill but I said I would catch up as soon I as I could. In March, I agreed to the repayment rate of $238.57 per week.  I still didn’t have a steady income, but freelance work and luck meant we were able to keep up the payments for a short while.  Bronchitis, more illness and a funeral lead to falling behind with this weekly payment agreement. In the Monday meeting with Douglas and Erin I didn’t yet have a good solution and I was told I had 10 days to catch up with the plan, paying $1000 by the end of the week and the remaining $238.57 per week thereafter. If I could not pay my remaining balance the children would be suspended.  I was told the door would be open if I decided to return.  I was told my application for financial aid has gone to the bottom of the pile as I was in arrears and would not be considered until the end of May when my repayment plan was paid off. I was warned the money for financial aid may be all gone by that time as there is only a fixed amount being given this year.  

I smiled as I read the perfect Samuel Beckett quote today, “I can’t go on, I’ll go on.”

I will never fail to be amazed by the generosity of the universe and I will continue to believe we were put on this earth for a purpose and I have no choice but to keep getting stronger, keep softening into love and faith and look forward to the day I can pay it all forward.

Thank you,


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