Help Me Protect Jewish Families in Hostile Areas

Help Me Protect Jewish Families in Hostile Areas

From Milan Solarz

I am raising funds to acquire the necessary gear to aid in my security and enhance my capabilities to perform my job of protecting vulnerable jewish families in the hostile areas of the West Bank. Thank you.

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

My name is Milan Chmielarz, a former IDF lone soldier. I am preparing to embark on a crucial mission to Israel, aiming to safeguard families in the West Bank's challenging and hostile regions. This is not about politics, this is simply about protecting Jewish civilians- men, women, and children, from terroristic attacks. In these moments of heightened need, I am reaching out for your support.

My Background and Commitment

  • Professional Expertise: As an IDF veteran, a certified EMT (emergency medical first responder), and a holder of a Master’s degree in Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, I am fully committed to utilizing my skills to enhance security for vulnerable communities..

The Current Challenge

  • Escalating Threats: The situation in the West Bank has heightened the risk of terrorist attacks against Jewish communities, necessitating increased vigilance and protection.
  • Critical Equipment Shortage: The IDF team I am joining is significantly lacking in essential protective and tactical gear. Your support is crucial in equipping me to safeguard both myself and those I am committed to protect.
  • Travel Demands: I will be transporting gear and other goods available in the U.S. (separate from this funding campaign) for other IDF and Israeli security and aid entities that are in need. As well, I am balancing my mission in Israel with caring for my mother (she requires periodic treatments that necessitate my assistance for an autoimmune disease) and as such, both of these responsibilities require travel between the U.S. and Israel over the next 6 months. Every travel will be made with the goal of maximizing its value for Israel via the above-mentioned transportation of needed goods and gear. 

Detailed Equipment and Expense Needs

Ceramic Plates and Plate Carrier lvl 4: $1,000 

Ballistic Helmet lvl IIIa: $3,500 

Tactical Flashlight: $250 

High Energy Snacks: $300 

Tactical Gloves: $45 

Tactical Boots: $270 

Tactical Protective Glasses: $80 

Red Dot Scope: $200 

Tactical Knee Pads: $50

First Aid Kit: $50

Multitool: $45

Tourniquets 2x: $45 

Ballistic Groin and Thigh Protection lvl IIIa: $330 

Travel Expenses: $ 8,000 (flights for the foreseeable future are very expensive. I plan to be in Israel for approx. 6 months and will be flying back several times to help bring gear back to Israel for other elements and individuals in need.

The Impact of Your Support

  • Enhancing Safety and Effectiveness: Your contributions will directly impact my ability to operate safely and effectively.
  • Amplifying the Impact: I plan to use each trip to bring additional gear to other IDF units, thus maximizing the benefit of your donations for broader security and emergency medical efforts.
  • I am going with or without your donations, so you are not sending me in harm's way. You are simply providing me the means to get the necessary equipment to protect myself and assist me in my ability to take care of my responsibilities domestically and abroad. 

A Personal Appeal I wouldn't ask for this support if there were other options for me to fund this. Truthfully, it is quite uncomfortable for me to do so. Having left my job to entirely dedicate myself to take on this vital role security role in Israel, I simply do not have the financial means to pay for it myself. Further, the security role I will be performing is extremely low pay. For these reasons, I find myself in a unique position where your generosity can make a real difference. The gear I'm requesting is necessary to provide me protection and confidence in my safety; two elements that will profoundly affect my ability to perform my job to protect those in need. You could quite literally be saving my life, and in turn the lives of those I am assigned to protect. For that, I am beyond grateful. 

Your Contribution Matters Your support does more than just provide equipment; it brings a sense of security and normalcy to families living under extraordinary circumstances. It allows us to have a greater ability to protect and gives these communities the confidence to live their lives with less fear, knowing that those protecting them from terrorists have the essential equipment needed to do so.

PS: Aside from me, there are many individuals in need of gear. If you so happen to desire to provide more funds than what is requested, they will solely be used to purchase gear for my team. 

Thank you for considering this appeal. Every contribution, no matter the size, is deeply appreciated and will quite literally help protect myself and other Jews from those that seek to do us harm.

Warm regards,

Milan Chmielarz

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