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Hi Everyone

Thanks for clicking on my fundraiser to cover the costs of moving to Ireland and getting much needed healthcare and safety.

My name is kaller. I'm a disabled 25 year old non-binary trans person. A little over 2 years ago I left the UK under a cloud.

In the 6 months before leaving the UK my health had declined a lot. I was in and out of hospital for agonising allergic reactions and digestive issues. I couldn't work due to my health and was relying on unemployment benefits from Universal Credit. During those 6 months I experienced a lot of different forms of abuse. Forced food insecurity (limited access to food that i could safely eat), financial abuse (they expected me to give them upwards of 80% of what little money I was getting from unemployment. Leaving me with about 30-50gbp a month to cover the costs of sundries, clothes, transportation, and food to make up the inadequate diet they were providing), verbal abuse and manipulation. This was a continuation of a lot of the abuse they perpetrated throughout my childhood. I saw how they treated me, and my siblings (especially my young, disabled foster brother), and was unwilling to let it stand. I called them out on their abusive behaviours. They retaliated by kicking me out of their house. Rendering me homeless in the middle of the British winter.

I lost most of my worldly possessions, and decided to travel to Thailand. To get emergency housing in the UK would have taken months, during which time I would have had to sleep on the streets in often sub-freezing temperatures. I had lived Thailand before, so I knew I would be more likely to be able to survive on a limited income. While I did manage to work for a short while, due to my poor health I never really earned enough to cover my living costs. I was living out of a suitcase in hostels during this time. Thanks to a generous friend I was eventually able to pay off the debt I had accrued to the hostel owner and cover the deposit for an apartment, where I have been living the past 2 years. My health has steadily declined to the point where since a year and a half ago, I have needed to rely solely on fundraising for living expenses. My health has continued to decline, as I can't get adequate healthcare here. This along with the lack of success in recent fundraising, has made it extremely dire that I get to somewhere where I can be safe and get good healthcare.

This fundraiser is to cover the costs of moving to Ireland, and getting somewhere safe to live. Along with addressing a number of medical and healthcare needs that have been left way too long unaddressed. It also includes stretch goals that would massively improve my ability to build a stable and healthy life, but I am aware are unlikely to be fulfilled.

Below I have listed out the various costs, and given a brief explanation of what and why they are there;

1. Leaving Thailand and moving to Ireland - £3,000

This is to cover flights, accommodation, fees, fines and various other incidental travel costs that I am going to have to pay when leaving Thailand and getting to Ireland

2. 1 Months rent security deposit and 6 months of monthly rent - £1,200 + 6 x £1,200 (total £8,400)

Due to cPTSD, I need to have an apartment of my own. When living with other people I'm at risk of panic and anxiety attacks, and I need space of my own to feel safe. This covers the cost of a 1 bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Dublin.

3. Wheelchair - £2,500

I have EDS, which is a degenerative connective tissue disorder. This makes it both painful and risky to move around, as my joints can dislocate or subluxate at any time. I also risk passing out if I stand up for too long as my blood pressure can drop unexpectedly (dysautonomia).

4. Private medical care - £3,000

While I am going to Ireland so that my medical care isn't entirely out of pocket, I am likely to need to pay for private care especially in the cases of trans healthcare and desperately needed dental care.

5. Private transportation (stretch goal) - £3,000-£8,000

Travelling on public transportation with a wheelchair can be incredibly fraught as many places and organisations are either inaccessible or untrained to handle mobility aids. Which regularly results in broken wheelchairs and hurt wheelchair users. So, having a vehicle of my own would be incredibly helpful to enable me to have autonomy and have the ability to make it to medical appointments.

6. Deposit for an apartment/house (stretch goal) - £25,000+

Due to my disabilities and poor health, even achieving all these other goals, its likely just a matter of time before I end up in a position where I must rely on fundraising to survive. Only this time I won't have the advantage of lower housing costs. Being able to put a deposit down on an apartment would give me the stability to build a healthy life and future.

The total amounts are £16,900 (without stretch goals) and £50k+ (with stretch goals). While the main focus of this fundraiser is to get together enough money for me to travel to Ireland, every little bit more than that initial goal will contribute immensely to giving me the safety and quality of life I need moving forwards.The current fundraiser goal is set to £4,000 and will be raised to £10,000 then £50,000 if we achieve those goals.

I hope you will find it in your hearts to donate and share this fundraiser.



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