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With juice, this is love at first sight. Yes, of course there will be ups and downs, just like any rescue or love, but on a warm night in August 2020, our hearts burst when we saw our handsome Tan cinnamon roll jump off the truck. We found juice through a rescue agency and saved his homeless man in Arkansas. Although it was only a short-term foster at the beginning, we immediately realized that we had no choice but to officially welcome him into our lives forever. Although he is not without shortcomings, he is perfect for us. Once he finally settled down, we are very happy that he can be a part of our life. Take him on a road trip, buy a house with a yard, let him run around, and let him play with our children. These are the ideas we look forward to realizing.Unfortunately, all of these are now being challenged.Three weeks ago, after a routine veterinary examination, we learned that he had a tumor in his abdomen. They thought the tumor was in the spleen. The next day, he underwent surgery. After the operation, they found that the tumor was too large to be removed immediately. In fact, it was closer to his colon. The biopsy results back were uncertain, but after receiving his CT scan at the University of Illinois veterinary school, they confirmed what we were most worried about. CancerAt the time of writing, we still don't know what his diagnosis is. What we know is that no matter what type of cancer he has, it is rare for a 15-year-old dog with deteriorating health. This is unheard of for a 2-and-a-half-year-old dog in good health.If you can do this, thank you. The doctor threw out the timetable we refused to believe and the potential results we refused to accept. We are committed to providing the best care and treatment for our juice, regardless of cost. We set up this fund because we are determined to preserve fruit juice for as long as possible. Every penny of your generosity will be used to help us provide him with the best treatment and care.Please - if you have any contact with a committee certified animal surgeon who is willing to check his condition and may have surgery to remove the tumor, please let me know - I'd be happy to talk to you!Juice is all we have. We really can't imagine our life without him. He is part of our family like our parents or brothers and sisters. Please look at the picture below. He's so cute that he hasn't left us yet. He is the strongest dog on the planet. He will fight side by side with us as much as possible to repay you for any contribution you make. This is the first step Andrea and I have taken on this difficult and challenging road. We are very grateful for every point. He hasn't finished yet.Thank you.

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