Help James Fight The Good Fight

Help James Fight The Good Fight

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James and Diana need help getting through this difficult time. Let's surround them with love by giving them the biggest group hug ever!!

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This guy, James, lovingly known as Good Eyes, Jimmy Nodora, Rude Boy and so much more, needs our help. He and his beautiful wife, Diana, hit a big roadblock a year ago, the big C word.

James was diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma of the lungs and he fought like a champ. Chemo, radiation, healthy eating, lots of sleep, quality time with friends, it all helped to put him into remission. Unfortunately remission was short lived.

James had a Cat Scan last week that showed the cancer in his lungs was back and now it has spread to his liver. This is quite possibly one of the hardest fights anyone could be up against, but James and Diana are running at it head on with all of us right behind them. James had his first of 12 chemo treatments today. His pain has simmered down and his breathing has been made a little easier but this is only the beginning of a long fight that is going to require all of us standing along side them, rooting them on, screaming with all our might that the only end game is for James to be healthy and for Diana to have that sweet husband of hers along side her for 50 years to come.

With that said, there are so many working wheels to this process and that where we come in. Plain and simple, cancer is stupid, its f*&%ing expensive and takes no prisoners.

Below are a few reasons they need our help:

1 - James and Diana are coming up on a new year of renewing insurance and they will have to meet their minimum which is A LOT

2 - James is drinking Alkaline water daily which helps him neutralize acid in his body which is potentially beneficial to cancer patients. These bottles of water cost $4.99 daily which adds up to $150 a month just in water!!

3 - A new juicer and 16 oz of fresh juiced organic celery daily. Sounds crazy right?? Not at all, follow The Medical Medium and you might think differently, This man is a guru and swears by it so I'm pushing it on James. Drink up buddy!

4 - Holistic meds which are running $900 every 3 months and he will need it for at least a year, if not more.

5 - Organic Food - no explanation

6 -James is one of the coolest guys I've ever met and his wife, Diana, is just as bad ass. This is really the only reason necessary to pitch in.

Here's the deal...when I talked with Diana, I told her that she need not worry about money, to focus on James and that I'd get it covered. Let's not prove me wrong cause I always hold up my end of the deal and I will be working for DAYS to pay it off!

Alameda Family, Life Time Fitness Co-Workers, Poker Peeps, Golf Buddies, Basketball Bros and anyone that doesn't know him but knows me and knows I wouldn't ask for help unless absolutely necessary, we're counting on you.

James, you are so loved! Diana, you are one hell of a wife. James, I hope you realize you hit the jackpot when marrying that chick 6 short years ago. I have no doubt she will do everything in her power to make sure you finish this fight standing strong!

Lots of Love,Carissa and Lou Manzo

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