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Hugo Chavez was sentenced to 105years to life in 2018. He went through 2 trials over the span of 6 years. The first trial ended with an indecisive jury voting 9-3 Hugo. The second trial ended with an unjust conviction due to an unfair trial. 

His case is currently in the sixth district California Court of Appeals. His appeal attorney has done a great job in the opening brief. However, current  law limits the number of words that can be used in an appeal to articulate the unfairness of a trial ending in a conviction. He needs to file a writ of habeas that will give him the opportunity to fully present the unfair conditions of a trial that relied on his ethnicity and the community in which he grew up to convict.

Before his arrest in 2012, Hugo had a career in bio-technologies. He graduated from Leland HighSchool in San Jose where he played soccer. He volunteered his time as a kids soccer coach, trained in MMA,  and had a small music studio. Hugo has never had a criminal record before this and he  has a daughter whom has never met her father in person due to this miscarriage of justice.

The attorney taking on the task of preparing the habeas is highly optimistic of a favorable outcome as long as we can be ready by the time the courts make a decision. 

Hugo needs $25,000 by the end of October to cover the cost of the attorney and the private investigator. 

Please help Hugo get his life back. I have attached a photo and letter written with his own hand in the images. 

Thank you for your support and compassion. 

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