From Bailey Cain

My dog Holden's back legs recently gave out on him, he's only 4&may never walk again. $5000 surgery would be free if we can get him to TX

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2 Years ago, I got a perfectly healthy, traumatized Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix from the pound. Shortly after, this dog became my life. He has always been a healthy, cursed-with-small-dog-syndrome, hyperactive, beautiful dog who loved me more than anyone ever has. Yesterday when I came home, for an unknown reason, he could no longer walk. His back legs just won't work anymore. I brought him to an emergency vet and apparently he has some sort of random back injury. The surgery to help is $5000. I cannot afford this, of course, and no one I know, including his dad, my ex, can either. If I could get Holden from Florida, where we currently live, to Austin, TX (a ~500 dollar flight) soon, a friend of my ex's could do the surgery for free. I am asking for prayers for Holden and whatever small donation you can afford to help us get him to Texas and hopefully not crippled for the rest of his life.

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