Help get house uncondemned and utilities on

Help get house uncondemned and utilities on

From Bryan Tyree

Getting my house uncondemned and livable I have had no electricity or running water in over 2 years. Now that it's condemned the city is trying to take my house and this is my hail Mary help me get up to my level grou...

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Trying to get my home back before city takes it through their predatory system where they believe its ok to have a monopoly on utilities owned by the city refusing me service and the same people now condemned my house for lack of utilities and want to take it from me for not having the utilities they won't let me have and I need help. The bill over 6k dollars plus I need an electrical contractor to pull permits and bury a new service line to the pole because they removed my service line 2.5 years ago and stole my property (the line from pole to house is homeowners property according to them) I've been running a generator for over 2 years and showering at friends and family and at the gym by my house. I try to set up payments when it first got turned off and they wanted it in one lump sum and told me to my face at IPL off 23 Rd street they could not accept payments they needed all of it. Also my water bill is only 135 and they refused to let me pay it and at least have water stating water and electric service are one utility.. I've been in a living nightmare and this was all because someone that was renting from me ran up over 6k in bad checks and idk how they let that go so high and when I returned to my house I didn't know the electric was being stolen and when they cut the line I tried to go and pay whatever I was behind not thinking it was going to be the beginning of the worst two years of my life. I don't want to lose my house I never ask anyone for any help but I'm at the end of my rope and need these bullies paid off so I can have a chance at living like everyone else in the community with a fair chance to have basic utilities and I told them I didn't run up the debt but I would start making payments on something that's not entirely my fault and they have refused to so much as try to be compassionate or concerned for their neighbor as the IPL office 2 blocks from home and the harassment I can take I just want electric and water turned on.  I lost my job of 14 years when COVID hit and I didn't know it at the time but depression had got a hold of me and made some poor choices but I don't deserved to be bullied and taken advantage of by the city owned utility company and denied water service even though paid in full because of electrical bill and it's all because I allowed a friend and his wife and kids to stay at my home while I was reconciling and durring that time they wrote some bad checks and totaled over 6k dollars but those checks did not bounce or get kicked to my account for some time and then the electric was turned off and I didn't even know apparently they was then stealing power and when I came back to stay at the house I didn't know the power was hooked up illegally and when the electric company found out they removed the power line frome pole to my house. And new city ordinance says new service must be buried and now not only do I have bill for over 6k dollars I now have to hire a contractor buy the service line pay to pull permits and get the work done and then pay a $2500 deposit and they told me I could not make payments and had to pay in one lump sum. I was in tears and almost was removed from the power companies lobby by an officer for trying to explain to them about how water and electric are not the same utility . So the city owns the power company and they have a monopoly on the utilities and also turned off my water and I only owe 135 dollars but they refuse to allow me to pay just the water portion and turn my water on stating that it's one utility and until my electric was paid and back on they wouldn't turn my water back on which has led my beautiful home to be condemned by the city and now the city is trying to take my house and it's the same corrupt city that won't allow me to have utilities and that's the only way to get house uncondemned. It's a nightmare  I've gotten away with living here running a generator but now I'm out of time and need to get utilities on or lose my house. I can't sell it because it's condemned and liens on it or I would I owe 185k on a house that is valued at almost 300k but because it's condemned and no utilities it's impossible to sell. I'd be willing to split money from a sell 50/50 (after everything owed to get clear title is paid) which could be 30k to 75k but at the very least I just need utilities to not lose my house to this corrupt city who literally states on the utilities website sometimes it's necessary for a utility company to have a monopoly over a city to help better serve the community. What is that I can't believe where I'm at in life and I'm at the literal end of my rope and would do anything to save my house. 

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