Help Get My Car Back

Help Get My Car Back

From Jose Valdespino

I'm raising money for the fees to get my car out of a towing lot. I know this sounds bad. I had been living in my car, all of my stuff was inside. I never registered my car... (apprx $1000) Lot fees ... ( ~ $2000)

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I had been homeless for over a year since my bought my car. I'd been living in it since I bought it, I had moved out of California to Utah, then Idaho, then Montana, and had worked in each state for months in each one.

However, I never registered my car with the DMV. I never got plates for it... I had to use fake plates that I downloaded off of the internet and printed out. 

I returned to California last year in 2023, just as winter was starting. 

I started working immediately in Los Angeles doing construction work, but after being depressed about my relationship with someone I love, I decided not to go to work for a few days, but my employer didn't like that, so I lost my job in early December. 

I drove to one of my hometowns just past the valley area in Southern California, and parked in a very nice area where there were hardly any disturbances around. Unfortunately I had been parking in the park of this very nice area, because I could use the restroom there whenever I needed to. I would drive to this park but apparently some people did not like this and suspected my car of something and called the police. The first time, the dispatched officer was kind enough to let me go, despite my lack of registration and my fake plates...It was 1 in the morning, Christmas eve. 

The second time a dispatched officer showed up, it was just a few days after. He was not as merciful and kind, and my car was towed as I went to jail. Because my car was on private property it had to be towed, with all my stuff in it as I spent the night in jail

The towing situation was bad. Without registration, there was no way I could my car out of the towing lot.

The day I got out of jail, I decided to try and steal my own car out of the lot, and I did. I drove out with it while the gate was open, some time at night, but an employee at the lot got in his truck and followed me and called the police as he followed me everywhere I drove.

As a result, I had gotten several police officers to head toward me and they easily found me because the tow employee was giving them details about this entire situation---what car I was driving, where I was turning, what street I was on, what part of the city, etc. 

I pulled over as soon as the parade of police vehicles were on my lane. This entire incident, from the moment I drove out of the lot, to the moment I stopped my car for the police, lasted about 8 minutes. Then I was put through the whole procedure of officers carefully handling the situation with their guns drawn, and I was arrested and jailed yet again. Being jailed the same day after my release didn't look good to them. I spent the New Years alone in a cell instead of in my car alone, as I would have. 

That's what I had to do, all of that. That's what I did.

After I was released from jail without my most important belongings and went to a court arraignment while in custody, I then stayed with family members in southern California. I didn't want to be with them initially but now the other option was to be out in the streets, finding a place to sleep in and trying to be independent as I had done before. 

I needed to get my belongings. I need to. I need to get my car back.

The towing company has had no sympathy whatsoever for me.

I was even suggested to ask for forgiveness by the manager, for stealing my car and making them increase their security. They must have despaired, I'm left to guess, while I stood in jail lamenting being away from the woman that I loved, the light in my life. I sometimes wonder if most people know what deep pain feels like. 

I have no money. I have no car which would make it easy to commute to work.

I'm planning on passing my ownership of my car to one of my family members, if I can get enough money to pay all the fees to do it.

I have the bill of sale, the previous title to the car and the title transfer document now. I can probably get belongings out from my car now, but I haven't gone to the towing lot with these documents yet to do that. 

I would just like to get my car out foremost.

I would like to do that. I can do that with the car being registered to my family member, and then also with the fees that the towing charges to keep my car in the lot for every day, and other fees that they charge. 

The Registration fees with the DMV are approximately $1064.

The towing lot fees are going to be approximately, upwards of $2000. And this increases every day while my car is still there and they haven't auctioned it off or sent it to a junk yard ( I really don't want that to happen, but they are likely to do it if enough time passes).

I have a family member who is willing to be the registered owner. I just need to pay for all the necessary fees.

This is why I'm asking for help to raise funds to get my car back.

I think you understand. Thank you if you help. I can try to pay you back. 

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