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Hey everyone! For those of you that don't know, I am preparing for a solid three years in law school studying international law and human rights.

Before I do that -  I am taking a gap year in order to learn more about myself, my passions, and gain life experience within the field of human rights/ social issues. In order to do this I am looking at overseas volunteer opportunites in Kenya, Africa.

I will be volunteering with a corporation called IVHQ that will send me to Kenya to focus on Women's Education, most likely with an NGO. The purpose of this will be to provide women with counseling, guidance and sometimes childcare. The goal will be to help to empower the women in this area to be educated and to generate their own income to support themselves and their families. 

I've chosen to do this because I want to get hands on experience and exposure to social issues happening world wide and in different and impoverished areas. I want to be able to use this information and experience through law school - helping me to relate material, bring insight into the classroom, and inspire me to be apart of something larger when I get my doctorate. 

Any amount of money that you would be willing to contribute would be enormously helpful! I need about $3,000 in total to take part. I am saving a large portion of this money through my part-time job as a legal assistant and will be working throughout 2014 to raise as much as I can to fund this opportunity. Please help to take part in this! If a lot of people each donate a small amount it could help me tremendously and I will forever be in your debt :) 

Thank you again! Feel free to ask me more questions about what I'm looking to do and why.

You can follow this link to find out more about the specific volunteer opportunity I'm taking part in :

or here to learn more about IVHQ:

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