Help Gazelle overturn the unjust verdict.

Help Gazelle overturn the unjust verdict.

From Gabrielle Craig

We are preparing for the final round of legal appeal for Dr. Gazelle Craig, the daughter of Pastor Charles E. Craig and Supervisor Janice M. Craig. Thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support.

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Kindly receive this donation request letter from the family of Dr. Gazelle Craig, the daughter of Pastor Charles E. Craig and Supervisor Janice I. Craig.  In 2018,  we sat in a courtroom to witness  the case launched against Gazelle under accusation of  running a “pill mill.”   After the defense attorney explained that pill mills are merely revolving doors for Doctors to  indiscriminately deal drugs to people for money,  he then  described  Gazelle’s patient vetting process for treatment in the pain management clinic where she worked.  The vetting included retrieving patient medical histories from their private doctors first, including  X-rays and tests.  Without this information, patients were denied an appointment with Gazelle.  Proof of this clinic protocol was evidenced by  the fact that  several undercover DEA agents who were sent to the clinic to ensnare Gazelle under the guise of patients were declined  appointments for failing the vetting process.  Defense evidence included pictures of  Gazelle’s pristine patient file record room with over 300 patient medical files.  Only one of Gazelle’s patients agreed to testify against her,  but it is clear that the patient didn’t understand what the prosecution wanted him to do.  He actually defended her because he testified that she had no idea that he was selling his pills to someone else and that she was one of the most caring Doctors he had ever visited.  It became evident that truth was not the goal of the trial as we watched the prosecution relentlessly label Gazelle as a drug dealer without any legitimate evidence.   

Delightfully, the  outcome of the racially diverse jury of that first trial was hung, failing to reach a guilty verdict even  after the judge sent them back to deliberate 3 times.  Finally declaring a mistrial, the judge immediately scheduled a second trial for just 6 weeks later.  To our dismay,   a less diverse jury was seated for the second trial with only one black person in the final 12 members.  With short deliberation, they  declared Gazelle to be guilty of unlawfully distributing a controlled substance as a pill mill practitioner based on the undercover agents whom she did grant appointments after vetting.  Her sentence for the 3 prescriptions she wrote for muscle relaxants and pain management medication was an astonishing 35 years.   The government PR scripts released to the media reported it as thousands of prescriptions. We are now facing the final round of legal appeals. In all her patient care, Dr. Craig followed well established and documented guidelines of her profession in pain management treatment.  Her written prescriptions were for well known and widely used medicines in all pain management disciplines from dentistry to surgery.  The governmental smear campaign with ludicrous exaggerations  made it obvious that Gazelle was a racially convenient scapegoat  for the “opioid crisis”.  Now as the March 2022  deadline approaches for the final legal appeal to overturn this wrongful conviction, we are blessed to retain a new legal team that is passionate to have the opportunity to fight for Gazelle's innocence and release.   The previous defense legal fees plus this 4th retainer fee will bring the total legal expenses close to half a million dollars.  We, the  family, were blessed to cover the previous rounds of fees.  Now for the first time, we are asking for financial support to finish this legal battle and free Gazelle  from wrongful incarceration. 

The Craig family counts your prayers which avail much as priceless and also are  forever grateful for any tangible support that you give to Gazelle.  Agree with us that this Shemitah year  will manifest its miraculous power as the year of release  for Gazelle.

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