Help Fund Me For My First Fursuit!

Help Fund Me For My First Fursuit!

From Avalon Rabbit

I'm new to the furry community, and I'm raising money for my first suit! I want to use it for conventions, hospital wings, nursing homes and starting a YT gaming channel, gathering a following and donating to charities!

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Hi There!

I'm Avalontherabbit, and the goal I have set in mind is to be a safe space for many people in the furry community with mental/sight impairments, as well as using the platforms given to me at the moment (YT, Reddit) to help people get more happiness in their life, especially with current world events.

That's where Neapolitan comes in. This fursuit has bright colors so that it can be seen easily by other fursuit wearers, as many can attest that fursuit may have limited vision depending on the maker. It's based of of Neapolitan ice cream and it will be used to go to conventions, hospital wings, nursing homes, and other places that need a bit of happiness.

This fursuit will also be the mascot for my Youtube Channel, also named Avalon the Rabbit (WIP.) On that channel, I hope to start vlogs in and out of suit and help small fursuit artists, start a game streaming channel, and have a yearly charity donation stream.

This is something that I am going to hopefully use as my future job, so I hope you can help me out!

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