Help Fund Education for Kids in Ghana!

Help Fund Education for Kids in Ghana!

From Garth Sam

Raising $$ to help pay annual school fees, tuition, books & other education costs for a poor urban family with 8 kids, a poor rural family with 4 kids, & to buy school supplies for kids at a rural village school.

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Fact: Education is Essential for opportunity & Children are the future!

Over the past several years I have been traveling back & forth to Ghana, West Africa – my father’s birth country - each time learning more about the needs of the people there, building relationships & trying to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

My main interest in terms of contributing to the development of Ghana has always been to help children – specifically by supporting their desire to learn & their ability to enjoy a better education.  Putting smiles on kids faces via toys & candy feels good too, but education as preparation for a brighter future, is the top priority.

On March 7th, 2019 I’m heading back on another “mission” to Ghana, so I am asking you to help me help some disadvantaged kids over there.  The need is FAR greater than the small sum I want to raise to take to Ghana on this trip, but with a small-scale but focused initiative like this we can still have a BIG positive impact on the lives of some lucky Ghanaian kids.

That said, this is what I am specifically raising funds for here:

* To help pay annual education costs (school fees, books, uniforms & school supplies) for the 8 grandchildren of a poor, uneducated woman named Jemima who once worked as a nanny for my family. These kids (Gideon, Doreen, Doreenda, Wendy, Jessica, Jacob, Kingsley & Doris) all live in a slum in the capital city of Accra & have little chance of escaping their family’s cycle of poverty without our support. As always, the girls are especially vulnerable, and making sure they get a good education is the key to increasing their future prospects.

* To pay for first-year tuition & book fees for Jemima’s grandson Gideon who has just been accepted to attend Accra Technical University (for either biomedical engineering or computer science).  He will be the 1st member of his family EVER to pursue post-secondary education & therefore has the chance to not only lead his cousins by example, but also to eventually get a good job so he can  help support his extended family.

* To help fund the education of the oldest son & 4 little siblings of a rural fisherman I knew named Daniel who died last year after an ugly battle with AIDS. Daniel was essentially destitute when he died - leaving his family with nothing & his widow is HIV+ so the future for his children is going to be hard to say the least.

* To help improve the education of children from the rural community that I became connected to through Daniel, by providing school supplies, books & equipment for them & their underdeveloped village school.. 

Because I always want to make sure that donations are used properly I will personally take the funds I raise here to Ghana & disburse them myself to pay for the above educational purposes. I set $2500 as the humble short-term target here because I'm leaving in 3 weeks, but a million dollars wouldn't be enough to give the kids in Ghana the quality of education we take for granted in Canada, so the more this crowdfunding platform raises, the more I can give, buy & do over there.  On behalf of the kids who will benefit, thank you in advance for your generous support!

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