Help Fotios to return in home

Help Fotios to return in home

From Φώτης Μύτικας

I’m raising money to pay off our family old debts from bills and loans, get my wife’s surgery in her legs and finally open my own business in Greece (Biological and steam cleaning services)

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* I apologize for my English I don’t know very well the language and i used Google Translate for some words to write this.

My name is Fotis Mytikas, I am from Greece and I have a wonderful family with two children (16 and 6 years old, boys) and an amazing wife who loves me and I love her very much.

In recent years in Greece without many works outside my wife lost her job and remaining unemployed 3 years now with two children at home, and I worked alone for 10 hours every day for 700 euros. Our monthly expenses amount to about 1100 euros (470 euros for the rent of our house, 300 euros for the supermarket every month, and after electricity-heating-water-telephone bills and children's expenses) we could not cope and the debt started us. Today we have reached a debt of 9000 euros in electricity-telephony bills and old debts, as well as 3 very old loans from my previous marriage that we could not repay until now with an amount to 15000 euros.

My wife also has some health problems that we should look into a laser surgery for the legs because it has several veins broken in the legs and the surgery in Greece costs about 1000 to 2000 euros if I'm not mistaken each leg we have not dealt with even with this issue because we just do not have the money to do it but as the years go by we are afraid it will cause a blood clot. The doctors in Greece from Evangelismos Public Hospital told her to go at privately hospital with the laser and if they come out again she says in the future she will do it again. Whenever with a salary in Greece of 600 euro a month this is NOT POSSIBLE!!!

So I decided to go to United States for work to be able to pay off our debts and be able to return to Greece to open a small store that will be sure to succeed (biological cleaning of cars).

The problem is that the job I found in America gives me the minimum basic salary every day (100 dollars) , and with the debts we have, both the old and the ones that run every month, I can not repay all my debts in less than 5-7 years. And worst of all, my wife and our children can not come here to United States because we take care our parents in Greece right now. They have health issues and my wife it’s take them food, they medicines etc. Our children is going school on Greece. For this reason I created this fundraising campaign to ask for help from anyone who can help me get out of debt and get back to my family and my children and be able to offer them the every day needs with the store I want to open.

I can not stay so many years away from my children. I can not stand it psychologically and I am disappointed and desperate. I ask you for a chance to live as a human being because no one Father or Mather deserves such harsh punishment. My children and my wife need’s me to leave together not separate for so much years. Give us a chance to live together. No family deserves to be separated. Thank you very much for your time, may God bless you and always have you and your family well. Fotis Mytikas, 

Alone in United States, a desperate Greek father ...

*Google Translate help me. Sorry if something is wrong or missing*Of the money I will collect, the 4800 euros will go to the current (Last settlement February 2022: 999 Euros plus 3,800 euros old balance which we give items in monthly installments) and we still have Old debts in nova 380 euros, cosmote 631 euros, kotsovolos 757 euros , Child private teacher for help 340 euros old electricity in my name 800 euros (The current electricity we owe is in my wife's name), old debt to the municipality 100 euros (from the electricity I have not paid), old debt to Vodafone 135 euros, 1500 euros on loan from 2016 from friends for help when we rented the house.

Total until March 1, 2022 only the old debts: 9,443 Euros.

And I also have 3 old loans of my own that I came out of the Katselis law because I did not have 800 euros to pay to my lawyer and I decided not to go to court without a lawyer and now I speak directly with foreign funds who bought my loans but want a duke money to make me a big haircut.

In total for 30,000 euros loans (without interest) about 8000 to 10000 euros I need to repay it all. With a haircut of course this is the amount. The remaining 5000 euros I will need for my wife's surgery on her legs to prevent thrombosis and to be overcome as well as some other tests that must be done for cysts on the abdomen. The remaining 5000-7000 euros that will be left over I will open the shop I want in Chalandri or Agia Paraskevi area (Athens-Greece) because I know the job very well and I have my plan ready.

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