Help for Sparky - shot by arrow!

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On Thursday morning Kelly Shannon went out to feed a few friendly neighborhood feral cats, just like she always does before work every day. Imagine her horror and surprise when she found one of her favorites, a sweet, gentle male named Sparky, wounded with an arrow.In fact, the arrow was still protruding from his body, and it was evident that the person who shot Sparky did so while he was facing the shooter. The arrow struck him in the left shoulder area, and the tip exited his left flank, leaving the shaft embedded in his body.  Enlisting the aid of a kind neighbor, Kelly was able to get him in a travel crate and immediately took him to her veterinarian. She remarked to me on the phone this morning while I was gathering facts for this blog, that he remained sweet, gentle, easy to handle and trusting, despite being scared and in pain.  Sparky is currently in the care of The Animal Clinic of Bayonne and we are pleased to report that the arrow did not pierce vital organs and right now his prognosis is fair. Sparky will also be neutered, given all of his vaccinations, and tested for FeLV/FIV while he is recovering from his wounds. Kelly would love to get this sweet boy a home. He deserves to have a loving, forever home after this ordeal.  

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