Help me to recovery and rebuild my life due to persecution.

Help me to recovery and rebuild my life due to persecution.

From Samuel Mogale

I was literally reduce to a covert victim of surveillance abuse by Government spies here in South Africa who hacked my Medical & Phone Records and leak them as my punishment due to false accusations that, i am witch.

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My problems started at work, were i was bizarrely and falsely accused of being a witch which was used to force me to resign from work, to expose me to hatred on a national scale, expose me to social rejection and i was treated as a social outcast, something that did ended my social participation in this part of the world. I was exposed to social rejection due to this false accentuation level against me, that i am witch and later that, i am sick person of HIV. This two lies against me, were vengefully and maliciously shared and propagated on South African Broadcasting Cooperation or SABC and its many Radio Stations which my now former employer is in charged of.

I was employed in a Government Department here in South Africa from 01 May 2008 until I was forced to resigned with immediate effect and unceremoniously, on 07 January 2016. I am asking for help after I was literally reduce to a covert victim of surveillance abuse by Government spies here in South Africa at the orchestration of some of my workplace bullies and their political collaborators. 

This is the use of surveillance methods or technology, to monitor and to hack or steal private information or the activity of an individual or group of individuals, in a way which violates the social norms or laws of a society. 

My private and sensitive records which included my Medical, Email and Phone Records, were unlawfully access, propagated and leaked with vengeance on the government control National TV (5 platforms) and Radio Stations (19 platforms). They will also altered my stolen private records and made it looks bad - like i am sick person of HIV. Both witchcraft and HIV accusation they do carry a life times stigma here in Africa. 

I was treated and falsely portrayed on national TV, Radio Stations and Facebook like a; 

  • throw-away away person;
  • a person who represented lower human worthy,
  • as a person who practices voodoo,
  • as  a person who is sick of an infectious diseases,

This was done to me as part of forcing me to resign from work, due to this false and slanderous accusations level against me that, I am witch in the workplace. The attacked to my reputation and dignity, were also widely shared on Facebook or i was trolled. The attacks on my reputation, life and dignity which had the rendering of my continue contract of employment in mind, had no sense of Dignity at all.

The donor can help me with any of the following; 

  • the funds or donation of money will help me to rebuild and reconstruct my shattered life,
  • offer me a job at your office,
  • Help me start a business,
  • Offer me shares at any of your family business,
  • Monthly living allowance,
  • Or any other help at your discretion, will be most welcome as it will help me live to live my life with dignity and nobility again, after I was relentlessly pursued with the clear vengeful intention of destroying my reputation and dignity.

Even a move to start new life in another country, like USA or any country, will still be most welcome due to random cats of social rejection i am experiencing here in South Africa.

Yes, here in Africa, currently, many people still live in the “witchcraft community”. It this false accusations level against me in the workplace sometimes in the second part of May 2013, that set-in motion covert and clandestine events that,

  • did first forced me to lodge a grievance with the abusive employer,
  • exposed me to workplace bullying, mobbing and scornful remarks,
  • and later, force me to resign involuntarily due to relentless persecution and rejection in the workplace.

Also important for the Donor to take noted is that,

My then employer`s main key business stakeholder is the President, his national cabinet ministers or the executive arm of national government and the mainstream media of South Africa.

Most employers in South Africa, do not enjoy this type of special and unique business relationship in their business dealings - of having one of your key business stakeholders being the President, his entire national executive members and mainstream media journalist from both print and broadcast media!

Due to the cumulative effective of my workplace violation which include the used of national TV and Radio Stations, when i go outside in public place, i must expect to be called "whore, sick person of HIV especially in vernacular languages or people touching their private parts when they recognized me, a witch, scornful remarks, hush tones and complete strangers, who will take  pictures of my face with their private mobile phones.

My life is still very intolerable and unbearable here in South Africa despite my force resignation on 07 January 2016. Because my workplace bullies have used Mainstream Media which is usually trusted by the community, unsuspecting members of the general public sees me as  witch and a sick person of HIV sickness.

What it really means to be accused of being a witch here in Africa?

  • Suspected witches get killed or punished in a cruel, degrading and inhumane way, 
  • Get socially rejected, shunned and taunted, 
  • deny employment/business opportunities, 
  • get persecuted and become social outcast, 
  • they lose their “personhood status”, suspected witches they just remain human because of their physiology – hence my private electronic records were access illegally and leaked as to some of my colleagues, I was an employee who was “undeserving to be treated with dignity and respected” anymore, after “I had practice witchcraft in the workplace”. In terms of African custom/myth as most people who believe in the existence of witchcraft are find in Africa, there is a “fundamental difference between person and human being”. (person – e.g those who behave moral and ethically and humans are life even a criminal),
  • Suspected witches they do get dismissed from work as in my case, often in complete disregard to the employment laws that encourages  fairness when the employer dismissed an employee,
  • their property can be destroyed,
  • their “membership to the human community, is revoked”, among others,
  • their forced by violence or the threat to it into “witchcraft exile”, hence I wanted to flee from South Africa on 13 June 2017 (i can sent proof to the donor),

I can email any interested helper on Humanitarian Grounds or the Donor, more background of my situation and Documentation to proof of my claim or story.

(On my registration i chose Zip code of California as there was no Zip code for South Africa on the website. My apology for this).

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