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Hi, my name Alina Choate and I’m raising money to support my Ukrainian family. I never thought I would be writing this, but as you all know, Ukraine is going through a terrible war. Millions of people are fleeing their homes, leaving jobs and positions behind. They’re just happy to be alive. Unfortunately, my family is not an exception. The Kherson Region, where they are from, is now under Russian occupation. Every day there are ferocious fights. Every day, people live in basements under a constant threat of death and every day lived—is a blessing. In addition to that, Russian soldiers enter people homes with guns threatening locals not to revolt against Russia. On YouTube you can look up how unarmed local residents are bravely fighting for their city Kherson, going against tanks, guns and grenades. People are living in constant fear of what is yet to come. 

We were able to get my family (women and children, men are staying behind and helping) out. I’m raising money to buy them plain tickets to come to America and help establish their new lives from ground 0. They will need clothing, lodging groceries etc, until they can work and get on their feet. These are very difficult times for everybody and I really appreciate everyone’s support with this. God bless you and God bless Ukraine!

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