Help for house restoration after hurricane

Help for house restoration after hurricane

From Katerina Thomas

Hello, I am raising money to restore walls and floors in my house after Hurricane Ian. I didn’t not have a flood insurance , and my house completely flooded , I lost everything but 2 beds.

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Hello, my name is Katerina ( Katie for short) and I am asking for financial help to restore the interior of my house after hurricane Ian and this month mortgage payment which is 891$. . I am a single mom of two kids , two dogs and  four cats. At the time of hurricane I didn’t have a flood insurance, so the money I was able to get from Fema went to buying construction materials, beds for my kids, and portable kitchen counter. 

This disaster completely destroyed everything inside the house, we got completely flooded , and all we had left 2 beds and a pool table . Also after water went down, my house got flooded by backup sewer. The sewage back up was continuing for 18 hours due to disfunctional  pumps of city of Port Orange. 

The house was completely unlivible. Kids stayed with my mom for a few months while For weeks I was ripping off the walls, floors myself, and taking all the poop flooded furniture outside . I never hired anyone, I was doing all the work myself, without anyone’s  help and continuing so.  I was using most of my income till three weeks ago when I lost my job at the Hospital. All savings I had I used for materials. Now My friends helping me financially with buying food and paying bills , But don’t have money to pay mortgage this month , and I had to stop all the work I was doing to fix my house. 

I have been single mom since 2013. I am not lazy and , and I am hard working woman. I  am not afraid of hard dirty labour! What we went through, I believe I can handle anything now!  

I am searching for job everyday, I applied to multiple places, but since I am Respiratory Therapist, and specialising in respiratory diseases, and due to the season, it is harder to find job than I thought. Hopefully it will not take long, and I am praying every day . 

I made the house as livible as possible for my two kids and my animals, but there is so much more to do. I still have to put floors and dry walls in three rooms, build a new bottom kitchen cabinets, restore one of the bathrooms that got flooded with poop ,  and get some basic furniture for my  kids. 

I would never thought that i would ask for help from other people, I am embarrassed to do so. but I don’t know what else to do. I a m  living a nightmare that I want to wake up from and I can’t! . 

From the bottom of my heart I am truly thankful to people who might be willing to help us. Or maybe just reading my story and sending a kind word. 

God gives us only what we can handle. I know things happened for a reason, and I know in the end we’ll be alright. 

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