Help for Heart Attack Survivor

Help for Heart Attack Survivor

From Chelsea Madison

I am trying to raise money to help ease the financial strain on my father who survived a widow-maker heart attack on Monday afternoon.

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Chelsea Madison posted a new update:
4 months ago

Update #1

Hello! I am posting this in hopes to help my father!
He suffered a massive heart attack on Monday afternoon, arrested, and flat lined for a full seven minutes before coming back via shock inside a doctors office.

He is alive and while that is all that matters to us, I know the stress of the coming financial burden is weighing heavily on his mind, and I would much rather him be worrying about getting better and stronger as opposed to how he's going to pay his and my mom's bills. While my sister and I will do everything we can to help, I am worried that being out for work for possibly 2-3 months that the strain may be too much for them. Anything helps and this amount would be enough to cover a full two months of his new medications. He is on $1500 worth of prescription meds following this and insurance only covers about $500.

I know his story is not unique, but I can do anything other than what I already am and this to help, so please if you are able or have the means, donate. My dad has worked since he was 16 to create a good life for himself and my mom and I am so sad seeing him be 1 week post heart attack worrying about bills and feeling like he has added strain to my family be having a heart attack. He deserves to spend his time getting better and that is all I want for him.

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