Help for Eastynn

Help for Eastynn

From Traci Sanford

I am fundraising to help offset registration fees for Eastynn's hockey season. Hockey has always been and continues to be a safe place for her since loosing her "Dad", my significant other to COVID a year ago.

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I'm not very good at this, so here goes our story of how we landed here.  

On December 18th, 2021 our lives changed.  Up until this day, this moment, we, I'm sure like others, thought that we would go through the pandemic unscathed, perhaps bruised, but definitely not broken.  This date will forever change our lives.  On this day I lost my best friend, my confident, my sounding board, my soul mate and the man my children called Dad for 12 years prior.  He always greeted the kids when they would come home from a long, hard fought game or tournament weekend with "well did you win" or "are we champions again".  

After loosing him, my daughter Eastynn's hockey season didn't end.  Though we took a break, the ice was where she felt safe, could shut out the world, and be clear with her thoughts.  See Eastynn is a goalie.  A girl goalie, she has worked hard to compete at states 3 years in a row, qualify and compete at Nationals and to be accepted into a AAA girls team for this current season.  

This year, this team, this group of girls has given Eastynn more than she could imagine.  Where there is a hole from the loss of her dad, her coaches, her teammates, the parents have filled her with more friendship, role models, confidents, guidance, and an even more passionate love for the game, that I didn't think was possible.  

In honor of Chad, she wears his name on the back of her jersey and a memorial sticker on her helmet.  Before every game she looks to heaven to acknowledge him and every time she leaves the ice she will ask "do you think he's proud of me?".  

Since his passing, we have had to let go of our home we shared.  I have been trying to climb ahead to help her reach her dreams, but it has been tough.  Her biological father stepped out of the picture 8 years ago and became behind in child support in July, which helped fund her hockey and her goal of playing college hockey.  Eastynn has sacrificed so much for her dream.  

To some, $2600 may be nothing, but to me, to Eastynn it is everything.  This will allow her to continue to play with a team that has filled her life with so much happiness during a time that she is still navigating loss.

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