Help For Family -Vx Religious Exemptions Please Help

Help For Family -Vx Religious Exemptions Please Help

From Jim Welsh

My friend/her family are legal immigrants living in the USA, have been here for seven yrs, been in the green card process for four yrs.There are four of them that need religious exemptions mandated vax to remain in USA

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Hello, my name is Jim, my wife Theresa and I have been married 33 yrs. We consider our selves old folks these days after 20 yrs in the Navy and an equal amount of years in the civilian world ha !. So we have lived in many states and met some very wonderful people along the way and over the years.  Few have touched our lives as our close friends of 7 yrs , a family of 5 who transferred to the United States for business from across the pond . 

  They have gone through the transition process paperwork legally and properly. Following all the rules.

   We have watched as they have bought a beautiful home, embraced the U.S, their community, attend events, observed as they have helped anyone and everyone along their way. Just the best people to have as your friends and neighbors. Our two daughters are the best friends. 

This family needs a helping hand right now. They have asked to not reveal their names, I am hoping with some of what is happening in the country right now , that those reading will please be understanding of maybe why this is so.  This is in relation to the CV-19 vaccine being a legal requirement for green card.

This is my friends words, her story:

  I and my family are legal immigrants living in the USA.  We have been here for seven years and we have been in the green card process for four years. It has been a very slow process having started prior to the pandemic and continuing during the pandemic.

  Recently,  we were called up for our medical, we found out that we are now required to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Not just for the adults but also for the children. This 'law' was introduced in October 2021 for all immigrants in the green card process. Even though we have been in  the green card process since before Covid existed and cannot technically bring "it" into the country. 

Our family is low risk, considerate of other people's feelings in public places, we mainly work from home and have each had Covid at least once with very mild reactions. 

They have admitted now that the vaccinations do not prevent the spread of Covid-19 so we are not protecting anyone by getting it.

Most countries will not vaccinate children because the perceived benefits are few. We cannot afford to leave the country either after laying down roots for seven years. 

We would never have moved here to begin with if we had been told before hand that we be forced to take a controversial vaccination in order to stay. Forcing us to get the vaccination after we already been here for seven years is wrong. Though we entered legally we are not citizens and have limited rights . It does seem discriminatory in so many ways.  Unethical as well.  

Since we do not have any medical problems we cannot get medical exemptions. There are religious and moral exemptions but they have been made so expensive that only the rich can afford them. They are $930 per person just to apply. I cannot pay that. So now I am reaching out to a like minded community who understand . I hope the pain of just imagining having to force a vaccine on your children. I do believe there's something wrong with this vaccine. I do believe that it is unholy. There is absolutely no room for informed consent. We are not fully informed and we do not consent. Therefore we are being coerced into having ir or we lose everything.

   If we just don't get the Covid-19 vaccinations then we will be made to leave the country. We are in a situation where we lose everything we have built over seven years or just lose everything. The options are horrible.

I have the absolute genuine belief that vaccinations that include either fetal cells , animal cells, or anything that might affect your DNA or RNA are unholy and unethical.

No one is obligated to help us pay for these religious exemptions but I am asking that if you can understand the extreme anxiety and stress and fear I have right now that you would consider donating. Even if I can just get exemptions for my children I will be happy. There isn't guarantee that they will accept the exemptions because they do not have to honor my beliefs if they don't feel they are genuine. My beliefs are genuine but I guess the is up to me to prove.

There are four of us needing exemptions at $930 each. I am hoping to receive $3720 total and $3775 will cover the fundly page cost as well.

Thank you very much !

God Bless !




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