Help for a family in need

Help for a family in need

From Timothy Baker

My name is Timothy and I am married with a 4 year old son. I have recently lost my job which I had use of a company vehicle to and we do not have a car. I am just asking for help now for a car to get to work. Thank you

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About 4 years ago I started to have weird symptoms in my stomach and shortly after odd symptoms with vision and fatigue and mental symptoms.  I can walk talk drive and things like that but I cant run without feeling like I will faint.  Being out in the heat even 80 degrees makes me feel close to the same.  My vision is something I cant really explain I was suddenly sensitive to light and other things I cant really put into words.  I lost over 40 pounds throughout the next year and a half and it seems anything I eat creates extreme bloating feeling and like im getting the feeling its almost hard to breathe.  Ive been to the hospital multiple times and they have seen abnormalities in the brain and believe its possibly MS or something similar.  I struggled to work for the first two years because I couldn't do most of the stuff I was use to doing.  I have worked on and off whatever I can find that I can do throughout the last two years but I am stuck at the moment with my car situation.  I only explained what has happened with my health because I don't want anyone believing I am trying to get free stuff it has taken me a long time to come here and just ask for help but as I explained things just haven't worked out the way I saw them working out before all this.  I worked landscaping and oil field and house remodels and now I cant make that kind of money anymore and hope that sometime soon I can figure out what has gone wrong in me and hopefully have my symptoms go away.  Anything can help and if you cant give I understand and hope you yourself are not in a tough spot.  Thank you very much.

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