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We are raising funds for Flodds Tupper's surgeries. He was a victim of an acid explosion. This has affected his face, neck, eye and hands. He needs only $152,340 . Please, support this campaign and follow his progress

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Flodd Tupper had an accident while off loading batteries from a truck. One of the batteries exploded and the next time he woke was in the hospital. Flodd was a chemical engineer in New Jersey's, New Brunswick at the time of this ordeal on the morning of March 02 2019.

 Narrating his ordeal he said "After the Acid poured on me, I tried to reach out for water but i couldn't i felt as if i was on fire. I screamed for help and my colleagues ran to help me. At that point the pain was so great and i fainted. My colleagues took me to a hospital," he told FOX News on Monday.      Unfortunately, the acid solution ate into his skin and that was the beginning of multiple surgeries .


His colleagues rushed him to  Crosshouse Hospital New Jersey for treatment .    

"I was given First Aid. My face was washed and I began seeing. The pain was so severe in my legs I struggled to walk. They tried to give me painkillers but there was no change," he told the  broadcaster. After two days he was transferred to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

"In Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital I stayed for two days then  was referred to St. Barnabas Hospital for advanced treatment," Flodd said.  

He sight got worsened during the process of hospital transfers.   "Apparently, the acid continued to work on my eyes, skin  and other parts of my body even after pouring water . I am almost totally blind. If we had known better we would have kept pouring water into my eyes to dilute the acid and It wouldn’t have made my sight this bad."

At St. Barnabas Hospital, he was admitted from September 2019 to February 2020 where he underwent 15 surgeries because the burns take time to heal. 

When asked what he wanted, Flodd said, “I need my life back. I want to get back on my feet. We has spent so much   . All my savings have gone into medical expenses. The company where this thing happened didn’t do anything for me, but they promised to compensate me when I returned from the hospital .”

According to his sister, Angela Clark (Tupper ), Flodd sustained 3rd degree burns and needs to undergo some more plastic surgeries but as it were, her family’s finances has grown thin from paying his medical bills.

 “Aunty Bianca briefed me on phone about the accident, how and when the accident happened, but it was when I came to NJ  to see him at the hospital that I saw the extent. He was groping like someone who couldn’t see. He actually couldn’t see well at all, and he was so skinny and burnt all over. I was just screaming on top of my voice. I couldn’t believe that that was my little brother, I could not believe they (the company he works for) left him to cater for his medial bills alone. I mean the way he is. He is in a very terrible shape.


The Bible teaches us that the Jesus Christ said 'That whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me'.

Our goal in putting this page together for the family is to raise funds to help cover their medical expenses and all the additional financial expenditures they will incur during a prolonged reconstructive surgery period, which no family anticipates or plans ahead for.  All funds donated will be automatically deposited to the Tuppers. As you can imagine, they will spend countless months in the hospital with Flodd. 

This funds will also carry the burden to try and maintain some sort of normalcy for his kids, Mary (8) and Charlie (6) and Beatrice (4), while they manage the crisis . To assist with all the above, they have hired a full-time nanny and part-time educational tutor. All monies raised in this campaign will help with medical expenses and the unplanned expenditures outlined above. Any unused funds will be donated to the based on Flodd and Angela's request.

We are asking first-and-foremost for your love and fervent prayers. If you can help financially, that too. This will be a long road for the Tupper family.  

Lamenting the bills being generated since Flodd's ordeal, Angela said, He has had over 9 surgeries yet he cannot move his neck and hand for now; they said they will carry out other surgeries on his neck, hands and eyes. His eyes are not okay at all. Even his mouth was affected. If he’s eating, food will be pouring out from the openings on his cheeks. I want American to come and help me save Flodd life,  He needs your help. We need money. My Account is totally drained. I am scared and i don't know what to do or who to run to for help ..”  

It was an accident at work, which suddenly transformed the life of a promising young man from bright to bleak. Looking more like a victim of acid bath, To extend a helping hand to Flodd, you can make your donations here. 

 In total he needs $152,340 (One Hundred and Fifty Two Thousand Three Hundred and Forty United States Dollars) for the next 11 full body reconstructive plastic surgeries  which he would undergo starting by March. 

We hope that by the end of this year, with your prayers and your financial help Flodd will be able to gain his life back and recover  both physically and mentally. We pray that the good lord will touch the heart of all reading this 'call for assistance post' so that you all will be compelled to pray and then give if you can. 

God bless and reward you all and the Tupper family  in this difficult season.


Bianca and Robert Bautista

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