Help Durgesh To Raise Fund For His Startup Business

Help Durgesh To Raise Fund For His Startup Business

From Kullhad Chai Lassi

I am raising fund for my business. Kullhad is basically a Tea Cafe where we offer traditional Indian snacks and beverages.

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Which is the most consumed beverage in India?

When you go to someone's house, you are definitely asked for tea. Things start only after tea. Tea connects people, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in India. It is liked by people of all ages. Tea starts the day and ends the tiredness of the evening.        In summer, the lassi itself moistens the throat. Thandi Lassi is a traditional Indian drink which is most liked after tea.

What is Kullhad ?

Kulhad is a new startup based on a unique idea that offers Chai and Lassi in multiple flavors in a clay Kulhad. In addition to tea and lassi, we will provide you drinks and snacks from different states in a traditional way.  Kulhad is a new startup project primarily based on business and social ecosystem. We want to reduce number of one time use plastic. Potters will also get employment by Kulhad. We are more than a cafe we want to give a pleasant atmosphere for people to spend time with their friends and family over beverage and snacks of your choice.

What is Kulhad offering?

Kulhad is also providing various beverages along with tea and lassi. We have various delicious snacks along with beverages.

What is our USP 

In Hindi कुल्हड़ : भारत की मिट्टी

In English Kullhad : Soil of India 

Unique Product- We have come up with unique product.  Our beverages and snacks are brand new flavors in the market. Our main drinks are tea and lassi.

Taste of other states - We have come up with special beverages and snacks from different states.  We specialize in Traditional Drinks and Traditional Snacks. This uniqueness sets us apart from other cafes.

Value Price - We are providing all these Beverages and Snacks to you at absolutely value price. No item shall be of value more than Rs.200.

We are concerned about your health

The whole world is fighting against corona, people's immunity has decreased a lot, so we are adding immunity boosters to our beverages. In addition, we will also provide many health-enhancing beverages.

How many types of tea will we give?

Regular teaMasala TeaChocolate teaRose teaMango teaSulemani teaJaggery teaHandi teaGreen chili teaKashmiri Pink TeaGreen teaArjuna Tea

How many types of lassi will we give?

Chocolate LassiRose LassiMango LassiKesar Lassi

What kind of snacks are we offering?

Bun butter



What other things will we add as the business grows?

As the business expands, we will bring more variety of tea and lassi. Along with the famous beverages of different states of India, we will also include the famous breakfasts and snacks there in our menu.

Use of technology

We are using machines in making tea and lassi so that the beverage can be given to maximum number of customers in less time.

Use of innovation

• DIY Recycling: By recycling old things, we want to use them again. We want to expand the bamboo livelihood by using more bamboo in the outlet.

• A platform for local talent: To promote the local talent by giving them a platform, we will organize the event “Kullhad Wali Sham”. Some times we will invite special chief guest in this program.

Why you should fund this project?

• Kulhad is not just a business, it also provides famous snacks from different states in a outlet along with promoting Indian traditional drinks. With this you will feel connected with other states of the country.

• The "Kulhad Wali Sham" event organized by Kulhad Cafe provides a platform to the local talent. We will invite such people who will make a good impact on the society.

How will we spend the fund?

We will spend the funds raised on the infrastructure of this project as it is just the beginning :

Tea And Lassi Making Machine

To hire a helper

Kitchen items


Additional expenses

What if we wouldn't collect enough funds?

If sufficient funds are not collected, there will be a delay in starting the project. Kulhad can be more than a business as a means of livelihood for the potters.

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