Help Donna with Surgery Expenses

Help Donna with Surgery Expenses

From Donna Link

I need 3 surgeries done with an Oral surgeon in order to stop significant bone loss and infection that has been caused by stage 3 periodontist gum disease.

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It is taking all the courage I have to post anything about this situation because the anxiety and fear I have over it have consumed me for the past year. Unfortunately I am in a situation where I now have no choice in my options.

I have stage 3 periodontist disease and significant bone loss in both my teeth and jaw. I also have infection in my jaw that keeps recurring and is growing resistant to antibiotics causing a lot of pain for a long time.  I went to the ER 2 weeks ago with pain in my jaw radiating all over the right side of my face, down my neck and into my arm. I was on antibiotics at the time and was told that the infection was spreading rapidly and I needed antibiotic shots and a stronger antibiotic because the infection was becoming resistant. That was worse pain Ive ever felt in my life.

I have had about 5 different consultations to make sure that I am choosing the best and most accurate course of action to get this under control.

I need to have 29 extractions (a lot are complicated extractions due to being broken at or below the gum line), 6 of my top teeth have roots going into my sinus cavity. For this reason I have to have a sinus closure because once those are removed it will perforate my sinuses, so they will just go in and sew that up. I also need alveoplasty performed on all 4 quadrants of my jaw to smooth out the bone where it has suffered the bone loss. I have chosen a place that luckily have everything I need right in office, Oral surgeon, able to do IV sedation in office, and has on site lab for the 'prosthetic teeth' (lol trying to have humor in all of this) to be made or if they need to be corrected or adjusted, the teeth don't have to be sent out.

I haven't been able to enjoy solid food in months, am constantly in pain or taking an antibiotics that makes me sick because of how strong they need to be to help. I'm losing weight quickly and am just tired of mentally being a shell of a human being dealing with this. It consumes my every thought every day and I was so ready to get this done and over with so I can return to my life, but because of the additional procedures the price went up due to needing an oral surgeon and 2 hours of anesthesia.

We need $4,000 more to go forward with scheduling everything in order to start this process of getting me physically and hopefully mentally healthy again.

If you can not donate please keep me in your prayers. I am eager to get the surgery as these infections are scary but the recovery process is going to be difficult and that I am scared of as well but I also cant continue the way I am going.

If you have read this entire thing, thank you. And please know Im baring my soul here. I tried to be completely transparent with my situation here but any other questions you have, I can answer, just please be kind.

 I have included pictures of my xray from my latest visit

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