Help dogs who suffer from tumors!

Help dogs who suffer from tumors!

From Lonneke te Kloese

I am raising money for every dog who suffers from the effects of tumors, like my grandma's dog Boris who passed away a few days ago.

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Dogs are true family members as some of you know.Also my own dogs are just my all and I could not live without them. with this in mind I am raising money for a heartbreaking story about the dog of my grandma and everyone dealing with the same situation. When my grandfather died, the whole family drove to the other side of The Netherlands to meet with a new family member, BORIS. It was a match made in heaven and my grandma had a new pal to walk talk and live with. Recently, Boris died from complications from a swelling (tumor) and swallowing problems on the same day my grandfather also died 10 years ago. The tumor had completely swollen the whole side of his shoulder.In the beginning it didn't seem to bother him that much. But when time passed he didn't jump anymore when someone came through the front door and later he couldn't get up from his mat. all of this happened in a course of 2 months. the costs of helping Boris where too high and just where too much for my grandma and so she couldn't do anything to help him.She is devastated and that is why I want to raise money to help other people with dogs in the same position as my grandma who cannot find a way out and need help fast!A  few days ago my Grandma had to say goodbye to Boris and now is the time for me to do something for other people and show to my grandma that I am thinking of her, Boris and all the other people that are struggling. I hope you will donate a small (or big amount) it really doesn't matter. I have put the amount at a high number just because I want to keep it open to go further than just one person I can help. I think with the amount I have set right now. I can help 20 Dogs struggling  with the complications of a tumor. I hope you will donate and me and my grandma will be grateful for ever!the picture of the campaign is not Boris. I thought you should know this. this is because I don't think it is about Boris specifically  but it is about the destroying effects of the tumors in general. thank you for understandingkind regards,Lonneke

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