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Adam is a comedy show with a diversified cast. The show follows a man (Adam) and his quest to find love. Watch as he gets himself into crazy, sticky situations all in the name of love. 

For many years, film production has had one huge flaw, a lack of diversity. People of color, people of different nationalities, and women for the longest time have had to sit on the sidelines and essentially get the "scrap" roles in the industry if any.  Any person who has experience in the film industry will tell you that most film production sets for both cast and crew lack diversity. Well, we say no more! It's time for a change, my friends. People of all color, genders, and nationalities deserve a right to create and express themselves through film, just as much as the next person, and they shouldn't have to accept the small roles either.  It's time Women, African-Americans, Asians, Indians, the LGBTQ community, and every single other oppressed individual had their chance to shine. 

With the money we raise, every cent spent will be for that purpose.Who are we, you ask? We are a small film production company (Cinescape Pictures) restarting our business, operating in New york. The company co-owners themselves are diverse. Michael (African American), Dan(Hispanic), and Wilison(Asian).  In 2009 the company started its mission to diversify film, but due to a lack of experience and no money, we stopped. For those 10+ years, each member continued to work in the industry, gaining higher positions within the field and more connections.  Now that we have had time to develop ourselves and increase our contacts, it's time to continue the mission.

Every film we create will have a diversified cast and crew. We want to give everyone a chance to shine. The writers, directors, producers, production managers, costume designers, actors, and even the PA's will be completely diverse. Everyone will have their chance in the spotlight, leaving no stone unturned. How will the money be spent?Equipment in the film industry is very costly. We plan to purchase standard issue film equipment, hire team members of all races and genders, use the money for set creation and legal documentation. We understand it's a hard time right now with COVID, and we want to guarantee safety for every member working on and off the set. With that in mind, the money will also be used for safety protocols to ensure the safety of all of our cast and crew members, ensuring everyone is practicing social distancing and making sure PPE stations are available on every set. We are grateful for every cent donated, even if it's just one dollar, every penny counts! To show our appreciation, every donator, regardless of how big or small the donation is, will have their name added to the credits of one of our projects! Place "credits" in your comment, and we will add you to the list.  There's a lack of jobs in most industries right now, and the film industry is no exception to that. The quicker we can get the ball rolling and get people hired, the better. Thank you so much for reading. We appreciate you! Hopefully, together, we can make a difference. 

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