Help David & Sally Get A Safe New Home & Legal Justice

Help David & Sally Get A Safe New Home & Legal Justice

From David Simpkins

We are raising funds for the total loss of our home, vehicle and and needing to purchase health supplements due to my Wife almost dying from mold exposure. Please Help, any amount. Thank you.

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We are the Victims of a corrupt local Tennessee home builder who sold us a defective and damaged brand new home with systemic MOLD and then abandoned us to suffer the losses and health issues it has caused us. The property, which we have had to deal with all on our own, has caused us to live in a constant state of Crisis since the day we bought it. My Wife Sally almost died on Saturday March 20th, 2021 around 3AM and a second time on August 26th, 2021. Both times were an extremely traumatic experience for both of us but seeing her lying there not able to breath and her eyes pleading for help. I will never forget this experience. To make matters worse, I notified the Judge of the event, and he did not care, he dismissed our case in the face of indisputable proof of law violations and crimes committed by the Builder. Our time has been consumed by the investigations of the property and being forced to deal with the issues alone. Our financial resources were swiftly gobbled up in trying to remediate the Property over and over only to eventually learn from experts that it is unfixable and not built to code in many regards. The property has devastated our home-based business and financial footing, disrupted every aspect of our life, and made us acutely ill.  Just last week, my wife suffered such a severe reaction to mold spore levels that her lungs seized up, she could not regain her breath for a few minutes. Had I not the health training that I do and had some key remedies on hand, my wife would have died!There are so many things that we need urgent financial assistance with. We are way behind on our mortgage. The home is in foreclosure, and the federal foreclosure moratorium is lifting on March 31, 2021, so we could very well lose our home unless we catch up the arrearages immediately. While living in a mold-infested house seems crazy, we have been unable to afford substitute housing arrangements. Also understand, the property is the central evidence in our legal case against the Builder, so whether we are living here or not, we need the property in our possession so that we can win our case..We desperately need an attorney but have not been able to afford an attorney when their quotes for retainers started at $50,000 on up to $125,000, given the complexity of this “Construction Defects” case. We are barely meeting our utility and food bills because we are living on my wife’s modest Walmart income while I have to study the law and attempt to deal with this through the Courts.  We have had to file a lawsuit against the Builder on our own (Pro Se) because no State agency would perform a proper investigation and uphold the civil and criminal laws proven in our complaint against this influential wealthy builder. It appears the State is more concerned about the building industry’s image than upholding consumer protection laws.Our 3.5 year old property is now considered a “Complete Loss” and must be torn down and rebuilt. All of our personal property that we have left, after three years of getting “rained on” with spores and mycotoxins, is contaminated and must be destroyed. Even our vehicle is now ruined beyond repair. Just like inside the house, the HVAC is contaminated so we have no heating or cooling and the interior materials are disintegrating. Microscopic spores “rain” out of the materials and they burn and prick the skin incessantly and cause our lungs to seize up unless the windows are down. My wife must use the car to go to work. I, however, can no longer ride in it. Because of this, we  are occasionally having to rent a car when I am required to travel somewhere, such as to the Courthouse for our legal case. The car rental expenses have added a new burden.The month we purchased the property was the last month that the Builder came to our property. In other words, we were abandoned while under warranty with a damaged and defective property that the Builder just didn’t want to repair. Our warranty letters and emails were ignored, as were the demand letters we sent asking for them to buy back the property. The Builder lives four houses down on the same side of the street from us, and he knows what he has done is wrong, but doesn’t care because what he also knows is that the Laws are the Ultra Wealthy are allowed to operate above the law in this State.During the first 18 months of ownership, we hired third party inspections. Inspections documented (58) code violations. All State agencies just overlooked all of these violations, breach of contract, and warranty abandonment. Inspections and testing also confirmed that  building materials were embedded with mold, which explained the mysterious poor air quality issues that we could feel but not see. Microscopic spores are released from materials which clearly had gotten wet and infected during construction, for example, the drywall of the ceilings and walls, carpet, HVAC, windows casings and crawlspace. The mold, as it destroys the drywall and wood, causes acid like materials to rain down on you.  And with the mold comes mites – unimaginable amounts of mites. The drywall in the property is contaminated with hair like substances called mold hyphae which we have to wipe down daily to reduce the mold sporing in the property.Starting in late January of 2018 when we learned that the issues we were experiencing were due to mold which had infested our furniture causing rashes sitting on the furniture, we were told that we had to throw all of our furniture out. And since that time we have attempted to get the Builder to do right by us and help us repair the property and replace our lost belongings. We have been living in a shell of what was supposed to be our dream home which the Builder promised it would be. All of our household goods are ruined and all of our clothes, towels, bedding, everything is ruined.Since living in the property I developed skin cancer for which I received 3 months of daily radiation in January – March 2020. Tumors started to develop and grow on my head and back, which had to be removed by surgery. I have been to the Emergency Room numerous times due to trying to treat the mold and even though they see skin rashes and hear wheezing in my bronchial tubes and lungs, and X-rays show clear and obvious granulomas, the Veterans Administration refuses to help me hold the Builder accountable. And add to that, the VA is still billing me for the emergency room visits, and I now owe the VA over $48,000 in medical bills due to the VA and counting. Because of the numerous attempts to try and remove the mold, even when completely wrapped up in a hazmat suit with a full face mask, the mold somehow got through and I was hospitalized for several days due to the mold exposure. I have not been able to do anything about the mold since my hospitalization and it has gotten completely out of control.People who are exposed to mold are often dismissed by the medical establishment who does not know how to treat mold. But my growing list of symptom since moving into this property demonstrates the serious adverse effects mold has on the human body. In my case,  I have had severe weakness, daily nausea and occasional vomiting, regular nose bleeds, trouble staying awake, constant painful skin rashes, joint pain that is intolerable, and my teeth and gums have been severely affected with teeth literally cracking leaving open raw nerves exposed and the Veterans Administration simply refuses to treat my Teeth and Gums. My Wife has been experiencing  many of the same issues.Due to the Systemic Mold in our property, we have to have our bed covered in no less than 15 mil tarps or the mold gets right through it immediately. The Tarps are taped to the frame of the bed to where the entire bed is completely encapsulated. Because of this we cannot both sleep in the bed at the same time, my Wife sleeps in the Bed and I stay up all night working on our case in the bathtub until the particulate matter started raining down on me like acid causing even more severe skin rashes. So, we bought a tent and put it in our driveway. And I spend most of my time out there. And sleep sitting in the chair. Due to severe weather, I was forced to go back inside the house to sleep one night (and it was clear it was no accident that I did, otherwise my Wife would be dead today).My wife’s breathing incident occurred on March 20th, around 3AM. The mold had eaten through the tape at the bottom of the bed and a three foot section of the tarp at the bottom of the rail opened up, and our bed was instantly flooded with a massive amount of mold spores. My Wife and I both woke up with bloody noses, difficulty breathing and we both gagged and vomited while trying to get out of the bed and my wife’s life-threatening breathing event ensued. We have both been extremely traumatized by this recent event. We are living with plastic covering the floors, windows, ceilings and having to sleep in a tarp covered bed. We are devastated, exhausted and we need immediate help.  To sum it up:  we have effectively lost everything and/or the use of everything. We are in need of funding to get our house out of foreclosure; we require funds to move into substitute housing so we can try and get our health and life back; we need funds to purchase a new vehicle because the one we have is now completely contaminated; we need funds to buy new clothes because everything we own is completely contaminated; we need funds to hire a law firm so we can seek legal justice which we have been denied to date; we need funds to tear down our house and rebuild it; and we need funding to restart our business. The current funding required for these projects is $775,000.Thank you for your well-wishes and support. God Bless you! Know that whatever level of support and donations you can manage – small, medium or large - is appreciated with all our hearts.

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